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It isn't working as it is expected to be. This is the coolest feature for specific games like cytus 2 and other musical games. The touch is being mismatched. Hope there's an update for its accuracy.


  • mismatch in position on the screen or in timing? Is it different every time?

  • Timing

    And is different every time

  • Maybe deliberately to make sure it's not recognized by servers but most probably, it's just that we didn't think anyone would use this for music games and that timing is everything.

    Could you record a gaming session using the screen recorder I can easily show to our devs that the timing is changing?

  • I had to reduce it's clarity cuz it was above 50mb.

    At 3:48 u can see my score with 477 perfect, 0 good, 0 bad and 0 miss.

    But at 7:17 u can see my score with 444 perfect, 28 good, 4 bad and 1 miss.

    When I start macro, during the first half it's fine but later on it's getting miss matched.

  • Ok, could be 1. You didn't start the macro on the same millisecond as when you recorded it or 2. The cpu performance might have dropped for a millisecond which caused so that the framerate of the macro got misaligned with the game but just a margin. Which is of course everything in a game like this

    But why are you even using macros for this game? It's the whole point of the game. The Macro feature is meant to take care of tedious tasks in some games. It's not really designed for this kind of game where a millisecond precision is everything.

  • I just wanted to try that new feature which I have never seen anywhere. So I felt that this game (cytus 2) was best fit for macro. In my case the second point as you said might have occured. Thanks for solving my confusion.

    Btw for which sort of game I can use macro??

  • Optimization of macro routine is needed. Meanwhile, reduce graphics settings and close background apps, hope that it can help.

  • It's up to the user. We don't have any specific game in mind. We present the possibility and then it's up to our users to find use cases that we haven't thought about :) But it isn't perfect. It's 99% and the game you used it for demands perfection.

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