Why not possible USB -c mirroring ?

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edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Why isn't possible by a fix in update to activate totally fonctionnality of the usb-c possibility?,because HDMI mirroring and more will be a very Big feature for this phone!please think about this.


  • There's lack of hardware supporting DisplayPort or HDMI via USB-C. In fact, it's not even 3.0. So no, that won't happen.

  • Ok, it's good to know,perhaps Asus do this choice to differate with asus rog 2

  • Physically lack of connector pins for usb 3.0 in the port, perhaps to cut cost so as to make this phone possible.

  • The USB-C port on ZF6 does not have any native display-output. There are several reasons for this. Cost is also one as to reach the necessary device price point for more users.

    That being said, DisplayLink enabled external displays could still work as they use usb-data to display the image.

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