Detect battery draining apps

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edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Is there anyway to turn this feature off for certain apps? It's not much use for the phone to alert me to the fact that my podcast app or Tunein radio is using battery in the background when I'm walking around listening to them ?

I've only found the toggle to turn it off totally but it seems like a use thing to keep enabled.


  • I ended up turning it off because, as you noted, it would really only notify me about apps that I knew were running because I wanted them running. It would be nice if you could whitelist certain apps.

  • Me too.

    In its current form, it is a completely unnecessary and redundant function, moreover annoying.

    I asked ASUS.Sverige about adding feature to white list apps from being reported 4 months ago, but nothing changed so far.

  • That's too bad, oh well I've just turned it off so as it's not very useful in its current form.

  • A request for battery drain whitelist is already included in our list of wanted features. Hopefully our devs will implement it one day.

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