New Zenfone 6 does not turn on any more

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I received my ZF6 today. (6GB RAM, 64GB)

I was installing apps and wanted to do a reboot.

As far as I know I installed a single system update, but it was not Android 10.

After my phone shut down it doesn't turn on again. The battery was around 70% so that's not the issue. When I connect the charger nothing happens, no charging LED indication.


  • So my phone suddenly works again.

    But this is disconcerting. I've been reading about motherboard problems on the Zenfone 6. Is this behavior symptomatic for that issue? Is there a way to tell if my particular phone is affected by the issue?

  • Keep using it normally, and do some stress tests or gaming if you'd like to test. Antutu has been recommended in the past.

    If the phone can get really warm and still behave normally, you should be fine. This could have been related to a system update.

    If it does restart on its own in the future, you'll need to contact your local ASUS service center.

  • I should also note we recommend charging the phone for at least 8 hours before using it battery mode for the first time. If possible, leave it connected to the charger for the rest of the day.

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