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I set a gesture to open the camera quickly when the screen is turned off. But every time I have to use fingerprint again to enter camera. Is it possible to enter the camera directly? Thank you!


  • Always the ecurity is good. It won't take a second to unlock your phone.

  • My Blackberry Key2 can doulble click the power button to enter the camera directly without fingerprint. But after using camera, you have to unlock the phone to use other APPs for safety. For some Apps, like light, camera, I prefer to have a shortcut way to enter. Under some conditions it is very convienient. With Rog2, to use camera, I have to touch the screen or button firstly and input fingerprint which doesn' work occasionally, frankly it is a little bit annoying when I need to take the picture as soon as possible. Blackberry Key2 can do it with one hand and one operation which means you can open the camera at the same time when you take it out of your pocket. I suggest Rog2 adds this function.

  • All gestures have the same level of security so it's not really suitable for the camera when your phone is locked.

    I recommend you to use your AirTriggers for this function instead. Go to the quick menu -> long press the AirTrigger button -> enable it -> set either the short or long squeeze to activate your camera

  • Thank you. It is a good idea. But I don't why only the lower airTrigger can be set. No any response to pust the upper one. With AirTrigger I can only use Rog 2's camera instead of seclecting some other app like GCam.

  • The logic behind only using the lower ones is because it would be too easy to press the upper air trigger by mistake by just touching it.

    It's already possible to open other apps with a squeeze but I will forward to our devs that users want to be able to use this when the phone is awake as well

  • Thank you very much. For me it is very easy to press the lower air trigger by mistake. Anyway, if the user can have a choice that will be great.

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