ROG Phone 2 Lightning Armor Case Issues

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So i recently ordered a Lightning Armor Case on ASUS website and it was delivered 2 weeks after i ordered it.

Here is my initial impressions:

1. The ROG Phone 2 locks on 60hz refresh rate when the case is slapped on to the phone. (Can't change it on the settings and the quick toggle is greyed out and you can't change it.)

2. You don't get to customize Aura Lighting on the Armory Crate when the case is on the phone (Unlike when the case if off, you get to customize "incoming call RGB, App Notification RGB etc)

All you get to customize is gaming


  • Please #ASUS #ROGPhone2 #OverdriveGaming

    Can you fix this issues on the next update?

    Or anyone here can help me with this options...

  • Same goes for me lighting conditions not met

  • Sorry about the late reply.

    1 We can't duplicate your locked refresh rate issue. Have you tried restarting your phone?

    2 This is intentional because the RGB LED powering the lightning case, draws too much power so we can't let the user do as much as with the built in RGB logo. But we have started an investigation because of this thread to see if we can open up some of the options incase the battery drain and extra heat produced during longer use is acceptable.


  • Locked refresh rate issue is happening with screen recorder app as well. I have uploaded a video in a different thread. Initially phone set to 120Hz. As soon as we open screen recorder refresh rate stuck at 90Hz. Every time I have to reboot the device to fix the issue. There was an error displaying this embed.

  • Really sad that we have less customize Options with this Case...bought it exactly because ... And now i have to See, that it only flashes with music .. dont know for now, whats with notifications...let US decide Ourself, what WE do with Akku draining pls.

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    And .. Not even notifications will Show Up on the Case... Really sad .

  • For me the back light works only when i start the phone or play music despite everything is active in armoury crate. This case is kinda crap imo ?

  • "Provide premium protection for your ROG Phone II. NFC chip displays a custom wallpaper on the phone's home screen. Smart light piping on the back to channel the Aura lighting. Aura lighting could set up color and light effect. Custom lighting and visual system notifications."

    This is what the seller says while selling. In reality, nothing works with case on. Really pissed off with the fake promises.

    Returning it back plus won't be recommending it to anyone.

  • Why not working if not xmode

    Xmode can only use rgb lightning amrmor case

    It's useless ?

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    any update on this? specially regarding the notification rgb options.

  • I bought this

    but it seems the hidden theme wasn't activated on my phone(ZS660KL)... is there a compatibility issue?

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    I can't see my notification with the Lighting Case, let us decide if we want to toggle On/Off for Lighting systems.

    That would be amazing!

  • I've been wanting to buy this for quite some time now but it's always out of stock.

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    I am waiting for update about this Lightning Case LED Options. I can only use the LED light if in Xmode or Connected to wifi via Synchronize with other ROG. It would be Awesome if they manage to let the user to freely use of Light aura with Lightning case since the case is pricey and we risk to buy it for design and protection. Hoping for asus team to know what client wants since we pay for it.

  • Bro i need to know did the custom wallpaper from phone shown at back of case? I mean did i work as description coz i m waiting to buy from giz top too

  • DariusDarius Level 1

    After update to android 10, with amor case everthink ok :)

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