ROG Phone 2 needs to improve // Always-on panel + long press BACK button

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Dear Team  (@asus @LP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS)

For full of happiness of this great phone I would like to have below features. Is it possible?

  • Always-on panel schedule option. Like it's present in Do not disturb. Now I have to turn it off before go to sleep and turn on in the morning
  • Long press BACK button customisation. I had it in HTC and later in Xiaomi - great future, I used it as: kill foreground app.


  • I tried "always-on panel" activated with "do not disturb" enabled but can really see any difference from when "do not disturb" is disabled.

    Maybe it's because I don't have any notifications. What is it that you want in this mode?

    We have three functions for long pressing the recent apps key but Android is moving away from this type of navigation. I can imagine that our devs have received your request already from other users but I will ask them just in case they haven't.

    But, really, try gesture navigation for a while. It take about 1 week to get use to it and once you are used to it, you won't want to go back

  • I think the always on display needs to be a bit more subtle in its lighting. At the moment it's too bright.

    Secondly it needs to show more notifications.

    And if possible it needs to stop jumping around.

  • I agree with the first two but the jumping around is necessary to avoid display burn in..

  • Forwarded to our devs. Thanks!

  • Thanks! Hopefully it'll be in an update soon :)

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