Battery care doesn't work

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At first, i used to schedule in the battery care to fully charge at 7.15 am . Whenever i see the phone in the morning like 6 or 5.30, the phone seems to be fully charged. So this time, i kept the end time as 9.15 and then guess what happened. The phone was fully charged before 6 o'clock. What's the logic in having battery care if it doesn't even work?


  • Scheduled charging will fully charge before your set time but 3h seems to be a bit too much. I've seen that it fully charges 2h before the set time and this is considered normal but I believe this could be a bug. We are aware that it's not perfect and there are plans to redesign this feature but until that happens, we can try and find this bug. I will send you a PM with instructions on how to install a log tool

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    My schedule is 23pm-7am. If I look at the phone earlier it will not be fully charged. I have intentionally put it to 7am as my wake up alarm is set to 6.30

  • I don't even know when my phone charges fully. My schedule is from 9:15pm to 9:30am. But when i saw my phone at 2.30am it was fulky charged.

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    Not in my case. It works as it is supposed to. Checked yesterday at 5am and it was 86%. Checked half an hour later it was the same. The system was preventing charging. I really don't understand why there is so much inconsistency with user experience. It should work equally for all.

  • Yes. I think many users are facing the same problem. Asus really needs to do something about those bugs.

  • We have received your bug report and I will forward it to our devs so they can see why it bugs with your phone. Thanks!

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    Hi, our devs replied after analyzing your log that the cause of this is that your phone was in a different time zone when you set the time. You hadn't connected it to the internet before you set the time so scheduled charging thought it was a different time zone. I replied them to try and find a smarter way of checking the time. You as a user shouldn't have to think about this.

  • What should i do now to make the battery care work?

  • What will be the default timezone used by the Battery Care app in such cases ? Would it be GST ? If so we can set the Start and End time accordingly.

  • This should fix your issue. Go to settings -> apps & notifications -> see all xxx apps -> 3 dot menu in top right corner -> show system -> press power master -> storage & cache -> clear storage

    Now you can set your alarm again and this trick should/could work for anyone who's experiencing that Battery Care doesn't work as intended

  • Thanks. I will try it and will update this thread.

  • Issue is resolved. Thanks Anders_ASUS.

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