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Andres Asus please improve the camera

Camera team is worst


  • Actually the camera since the android 10 update has made me think twice to sell the device. The camera is similar to those 12000 rs phone. Over exposed and no dynamic range. Also the night mode has gone bad to worse. I dont understand what is the fun in giving poor experience to the users. This is where Asus is always behind and may be will be always behind to its competitors

  • I don't know about other things but dynamic range need to improve for sure

  • Camera total dynamic range iself has not changed between Android 9 or 10.

    Are you noticiing HDR gets activated less often?

    We'll pass your feedback to our camera team and hopefully they can keep improving the quality.

    As to whether ZenFone 6 has a poor camera or not - I'll leave it to your own interpretation.

  • I think most users complaint is in artificial lighting either comes out too good and sometimes it doesn't come as expected...i mean it's inconsistent

    In outdoor lighting i don't have any complaints at all it's great

  • No improvement always Asus says camera will improve .

    Improve wide angle and night shots

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