Performance issues in Asus zenfone 6 after upgrading to android 10



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    Same here, except for the battery. If they don't patch this soon i'm gonna start missing oneplus!

  • is it better than android 9? or should i still stick with not updating my phone.

    i degraded to 9 after using android 10 for a month.

    my current version is attached in the image below

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    should i still stick with not updating my phone

    You can answer for yourself by answering a simple question: Do I use mobile data and the Internet? Yes or no? Because if yes, you need the latest security update.

    Android 10 is undoubtedly better than the previous version, maybe not in everything, someone may mind this or that change by Google, but in many ways of course it is better and the differences are often hidden under the hood, they are not visible at first glance. So for a rookie, the apparent similarity of A9 and A10 is a completely misleading criterion for such a decision.

  • okay, keeping the security factor aside. Laggy interface is a major issue for me. So the question remains the same, performance, is the update worth it in terms of performance.

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    So far I have not had such a serious problem with any update that I would regret the update. The vast majority of complaints here are either a HW problem or the result of user tinkering.

    Laggy interface is a major issue for me.

    However, I do not use an integrated launcher and gestures, I have a Nova Prime launcher since day one 11 months ago and Fluid Navigation Gestures since update to A10.

    PS: In addition, if you find that for some reason the A10 does not suit you, you can always return to the A9 using the service firmware that can be downloaded from the Asus website. Of course, for the price of a complete data wipe.

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    Almost been a week since i updated to android 10 now and there have been no issues at all. The phone is buttery smooth. Attaching the ss of current version below

  • Recently after updating the software, when i was scrolling through one of my app.. it started glitching.. my battery stated draining and my phone got slower than before.. hope asus can fix this problem in the next update or something

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