Performance issues in Asus zenfone 6 after upgrading to android 10



  • Hi Team,

    I am also facing slowness while using Phone.

    Sometimes asus launcher also crashes and I cannot even go to Home screen.

    Most notable lag is when I opened Amazon app and tried going to Home screen, the screen was not responding to touches and asus launcher crashed after that.

    Please tell me in case any further information is needed from Phone.

  • Hi,

    It's been some month since my Z6 started crashing for nothing.

    At first it was the camera, when i took a shot the phone crash and return on home page, without saving the picture.

    Now it's muuuch worse, sometimes i just want to break it, it's so frustrating.

    Im on Youtube it's crashes, on google it crashes, even when im searching for an app it's crash.

    It's sometimes unusable, like a cheap phone from Bangood with 512mb ram!

    It's taking years just to unlock the phone. (sorry if my english is bad)

  • For temporary use,restart phone once a week and u'll be fine but the developers are looking into root cause so wee need to wait....until then only option is restart

  • To me these symptoms looks like a dying motherboard.

    Do a factory reset, if it doesn't rectified after that, then send phone to service is the only option.

    PS: Of course, it would help if you mentioned your firmware version and when it started, write down what preceded it. What did you do the last time your phone was working normally?

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    I have tried different to clean all my autstart app settings, removed unnecesary phone cleaner apps, laggy UI still manifests after 10 days of usage. I have even not used the camera app to test maybe it is the source of the issue, as the camera app has the most predominant behavoiur with crashes and no picture savings. Still better on nova launcher. I saw @prashanth commented regarding the asus developers. Do they have reproduced the issue? Is there someone who is working on this issue?

  • according to Anders logs have been sent to devlopers but as its chinese new year would take some time to figure out as some would be on holidays ......the final answer is they have started working on it

  • I'm facing exactly same problem,lag camera , stop phone when using ,fast drain battery, finger print issue, lag mobile.

  • after .121 update the problem increased,untill the devlopers find out the root cause.....the only solution is restart

  • Hi,

    I'm also getting same type of issues. And also getting sensor issues. And some time when opening an app or working on an app suddenly screen flashing so first. And please try to improve picture quality for android 10.

  • After .129 update the problem increased and now i have to restart every 36-48 hrs to keep the phone smooth

  • Even it has increased for me too . Really frustrated about this phone . Worst ever phone I have purchased in my life .

    No concern about the issue . No proper guidance from mods nothing .

    Don't know whether to trust Asus further in future .

  • @Prashant @Revanth

    OP mentioned these three issues:

    1) Fingerprint unlock got slower

    2) Too many lags

    3) Battery draining fastly

    Please specify for others which of these issues has worsened for you.

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    So, far so good I had no issues with .129, but I am still 70 hours on it. For me has improved somehow. After 10 days of usage only the camera app crashes and i cannot save the picture. The phone is slowing down but not so much, and it is still responsive. But if I want to take a picture I have to reset the phone in order to have the camera app working.

  • The problem are stutters once they start....every part of phone feels is laggy even when unlocking,scrolling,apps cant keep anything in ram.... literally everything

  • Hi,

    Is there any posibility in Zenfone 6 to take a picture which is whole sharpened, I mean both, first and second plan. When I take a photo,  there are only two options, either a first plan is sharpened, and the second plan is not, or vice versa. It makes me crazy, when I want to have a picture with me and the background of really good quality, but it seems to be unpossible. For me, now, the camera is useless.

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    Useless is to hijack other thread for not related issue.

  • I am now on .144 update and have 280+ hours without lag, unlocking issues, camera crash. It seems this update solved the issue.

  • Same issues Here.

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