Performance issues in Asus zenfone 6 after upgrading to android 10



  • That's pretty much it,so i thought that would be enough and i wanted to show ram inst full full screen shot

  • I don't see much difference except for launcher and battery care

  • As days pass, experience of this phone is getting worse....i think mods are on holidays as it's Christmas

    It would be really helpful ,if they find the solution soon

  • GRONKGRONK Level 1
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    Well guys my Phone seemes to be working just fine again. Updated it the past week with a good restart and now everyrhing is back to normal. Strange experience i must say.

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    I will share my experience with zenfone6 which i've bough in august 2019: after first update, the phone had no lags, was responsive etc. The ui lag issue i fist noticed was on last update of android 9. The phone was working fine for ~ 10 days. After this period of time the lag appears. I didn't factory reset the phone, just wait for android 10. I did the android 10 upgrade without factory reset. All was working fine ~ 10 days. The lag appeared again. With a phone reset i managed to keep the phone running without lags ~ 10 days. So basically I did a phone reset every 10 days before I began to search on forums for the issue. I have tried the factory reset and all went ok, but in last day of the year 2019 my phone received an additional 10 update (WW_17.1810.1911.110). I did this update without factory reset (as it was increemntal update ~ 275 mb) and guess what? After 10 days of normal usage the lag appears.

    So my conclusions are:

    • every update cause this lag
    • the lag appears after ~ 10 days of operation with my usage pattern
    • I was able to get rid of the lag after normal reset but it comes back after specified period of time
    • i was able to get rid of the lag after factory reset. But doing a factory reset every little update is stupid.

    So now I am repeatedly doing a reset after 10 days. It is somehow annoying. Is there a way to investigate this with logcat, syslog, or other ui related loggers?

  • @lucian.ungurean

    Can you please define the LAG that appears regularly after 10 days of use in terms of your perception, which makes it annoying, how does it manifest itself? Video would be ideal.

    I have been using my phone for almost 7 months and I find it still behaves the same way it was when it was new, I have absolutely no problem.

    So, except for a strangely slower reboot that came with the A10.

  • Overall i can say if u dont restart or reset for about a week or 2 u will feel like it's the slowest phone of all time

    Ui stutters,every time u switch apps phone hangs,frame drops in games(almost cant play)....there is lag even when u type

    I think u understand a little bit how slow its is

  • lucian.ungureanlucian.ungurean Level 1
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    So i can define lag by the following:

    • slow phone reaction after scanning the fingerprint - it takes some seconds for the phone to turn on ( normally is just milis)
    • slow phone reaction when switching the apps - phone freezes before the next app shows up -it takes some seconds for the app to switch
    • slow phone reaction when opening an app - phone freezes before the app pops up. and takes second for the app to open

    I don't know if this is a memory related or not. Is there something like valgrind to put on the android just to investigate?

  • Never (I use instant lock when the screen goes off), never (What launcher do you use? Nova Launcher is optimal.), never.

    I mentioned my phone configuration in this post:

    My first and last factory reset was on the first day with phone 7 months ago.

    What I did after major Android 10 update I mentioned here:

    I prefer manual full updates. OTA update is off.

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    There are long-term performance problems. LMK is killing apps much more aggressively after a week or so and there's some stuttering too. Didn't happen on Android 9 with the same apps.

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    It's killing apps more aggressive after just a day of use despite it just kill 90% of your open apps overnight  but on the last android 9 version, it was the same just test it a few days ago.?

    I just test notification speed i mean how fast it can get a notification to compare to 3 years old Xiaomi redmi note 4 on miui 10 :D zenfone 6 sometimes delivers notification a whole minute behind... on old xioami it is instant that is sad xD... ?

  • I have ~4 days since i have switched to nova launcher and ~7 days since last phone reset. No lag so far.

  • lucian.ungureanlucian.ungurean Level 1
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    After 10 days of usage the lag reapeared but is not so big with nova launcher. The phone is still usable. Small glictches, but I have noticed something I forgot to mention in my older post. When the phone is in the laggy state, the camera app has a strange behaviour. It opens (with small lag when on nova) and when I want to press the button to take the picture it closes(exits) without a message. Does this mean the lag comes from memory related issue? Logging the camera app can help investigate the lag reason? Whats the best logging app on non rooted phone?

  • @lucian.ungurean

    When the phone is in the laggy state, the camera app has a strange behaviour. It opens (with small lag when on nova) and when I want to press the button to take the picture it closes(exits) without a message.

    The culprit could be misbehaving apps or wrong user behaviour. You should ask to ASUS mods to log with proper manufacturer tool your phone. You didn't mention so far which ZF6 model do you have and what is your setting.

    For example do you use Mobile Manager - Auto-start manager, Twin Apps, OptiFlex, ...?

    As I already said I have no such problems with 6/128 model.

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    So I have Zenfone6 6/128, with firmware WW_17.1810.1911.110. I have used mobile manager only to go into the powerMaster to setup the battery to power save. Optiflex is on, twinapps is off, autostart manager is on for reminder application, facebook messenger, and security camera application(for notification). I just want to try to investigate further what I am doing wrong, or what app. If this doesn't work I will just switch to lineage OS.

  • Send your logs to mods,i did the same ...if more people give the info to them it will be easy to figure out the problem

  • Yes, sure, but I am too new on the forum ... so don't have the "message" button ....

  • Tomorrow is a working day so they'll probably contact you directly

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