Performance issues in Asus zenfone 6 after upgrading to android 10



  • Same here my video recording system is not supporting and other lags are coming after android 10 update

  • I am experiencing the same issues after the .73 update to Android 10.

    1.Battery drain

    2. lag when using camera app, it closes when I try to take a HDR photo.

    3. Lag when switching between apps and opening recent apps.

    In my situation it can be solved when I restart my phone, but it only lasts for a few days, the system start lagging again.

    I love this phone and i am satisfy on what it can do, so please fix this problem Asus.

  • Same here.

    Now the phone also hangs while switching between apps. Camera performace has degraded in all modes. It was best before 10 update.

  • What happend asus we all are trust you thats why we purchased your product please fixed this issues as soon as possible !! After updating os 10 phone more buggy and lagged

    1. Fingerprint

    2. Switching apps

    3. Open AppLock fingurlock stuck some time

    4. Battery drain faster

    5. Brightness

    Please i said please

  • I am also facing the same issues post updation to Android 10, expect battary power. My battery is working fine. But finger print scanning, app launching, switching between apps all these functions driving me impatient.

    Hope some performance enhancement will be provided by Asus support through next update, or else i will regret choosing this.

  • After update to 10 when calling from phone, recipient cannot hear me, when calling to phone, call does not connect.

  • After going through the comments, I even tried factory reset hoping for the performance it had with Android 9, but still I face the lag in unlocking the phone through finger print scanner. For some days there were no lags, but now I again observe some hanging problems while using some apps. Please Asus we are waiting for updates to fix these bugs.

  • but still I face the lag in unlocking the phone through finger print scanner

    Check your Settings. Do you have it like this?

  • After updating to stable android 10 asus 6z get worse day by day started with auto reboot, the slow response by fingerprint sensor , external storage erased on its own ,autoshutdown of camera app on 48mp , I had given my phone for software change and factory data reset , still one day device turned off and didn't respond to power key or charging , at last I have to apply for hardware repair (motherboard change)

    Asus please reply

    Why this happened in first place ??

    And not happen again and if it happens to future update what stapes will you take ??

  • I received android 10 in oct end there were severe lags so i did a factory reset as @_jis_ pointed out that android upgrades need a reset if everything doesnt work well and i agree with him. It was fine till 5 days ago but the lags and stutters,frame drops in game started again

    I think there is something fundamentally wrong with the updates or else i wouldn't be posting this msg

    I replied to many people that factory reset solved the issue but here i am facing the problem again

    This time mods need to address the issue cause they can't say to reset again i need an answer please @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS

  • @prashanth

    It was fine till 5 days ago but the lags and stutters,frame drops in game started again

    But five days ago there was no update that would directly cause it. This means that it was not caused by the update but by the normal operation of the phone. Do I understand you correctly?

  • No there wasn't any update nor did i install any app so this shouldn't happen .The fact that it wasn't found for 2 months is because I've been restarting the phone because of "long press" issue which you know of

    And the regular restarts kept the phone without any issues

    Because i had to send some logs to mods i didn't restart the phone and here i am . I think the factory reset didn't solve the root cause of the problem and it's still there and the regular restarts prevented me from noticing it

  • @prashanth Could you post a screenshot of Running services from Developer options?

  • I just got the fota so restarted?? I'll post the sc as soon as phone becomes slow again

  • Why Asus has this bloatware "Facebook services"? I'm one of the haters of Facebook??.

  • Because many people are complaining, it's time they address the issue @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS

  • I'll chip in and say I have the exact issues described in this thread. At first o thought it was a lack of storage space on my device. But after clearing out old files and such, the issues withstood. It's quite clear to me now after reading this thread and googling around that it all had to do with the new android update. Crazy to see that it's been over a month since this thread was created, and still no fix has been provided...

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