How to charge asus 6z/charging guide?

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Advice me how to charge to keep battery/phone for years

1. 0 to 100%


2.30 to. 90%


3. 50 to 100%

Is it advisable to leave phone in night with charging


  • Of those 3 options I would do the second. Try to avoid low and high percentages. I personally usually do 40 to 80 which is easy for me on this large battery.

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    These days battery don't require constant care. I used a OnePlus 3 for 3 years and the battery is still fine even though I never did anything special. Left it charging overnight, sometimes charged during the day... the only thing I avoided - mainly because I didn't need it - was dash charging (aka quick charging).

    You should avoid going too low (eg: less than 20%) and avoid heat (eg: leaving the phone inside a car on a hot day), but that's the rule for most batteries we use on computers, phones, etc.

    Asus includes a setting (Settings>Battery>PowerMaster>Battery Care) that slows down the charging speed if you charge overnight. Does it really improve battery life? I don't know. Maybe charging it slowly (which is what this feature does) all the time is better... the "problem" is that this phone's battery is big and it can take over 2 hours to charge it from a low battery state.

    Anyway, don't forget to use and enjoy your phone. Phones don't last forever.

  • It really depends on how you wish to define battery health and for how long you intend to use it -and so on.

    The general tip is to not leave your device at 100% for a long time. Even if the charger stops charging at 100%, it will still trickle-charge to keep it at 100% when it is connected.

    You may use your Scheduled Charging function to alleviate this - it will reduce the time (over night, or your set periods) where the device is at 100%.

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