The update failed rog phone 2 tencent

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I have a model (ZS660KL) but when entering and trying to install an update was downloaded from the site Asus indicates that I have failed to update the system version I have the build number ww but version 8 Ram Please solve the topic.....


  • You need to contact your reseller for a refund. This is an unsupported configuration, Tencent model phones are not meant to be operating on WW firmware.

  • Thank you for the interaction but the seller does not respond ... Can you help me .. Or communicate with Asus to provide an update to all devices that suffer the same problem . ?

  • No, you bought a phone that was not meant to be used in your country, used a firmware that you shouldn't and did not pay Asus the full amount of money they wanted. Asus will not help you. Your phone is useless now, you have to pay Asus more money to buy a phone that they allow you to use in your country -OR- just buy something else.

  • You're welcome, but there isn't much more I can than advise you. We can't flash the firmware because the risk of bricking the device is too high.

    Simply put, you need to get a refund or ask for some sort of chargeback from your credit card company. This is a situation where you were sold an unofficial product, you will need to get a resolution from the reseller.

  • I know Asus is not responsable for this mess. I will not buy from where i got this no more. If people get a kick out of scamming others out of their money, let me say this: its only money and you will get the full amount when you die. Think scamming is a free ride ? To hell yes, and that you enjoy the ride counting your money !!!

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