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I tried to register my new ZenFone 6, but the model is not listed under the drop-down list for ZenFone.

What's up?


  • You can register it directly from MyASUS app, it will be easier !

  • Looked up myAsus on Play Store and there's only an option to uninstall it, suggesting that it's already installed on my phone. And yet, I couldn't find it anywhere. How do you run it?

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    MyASUS is, first, accessible in Parameters > Assistance.

    Once you set it up, a shortcut appears automatically in app drawer !

    (Btw, on, writing the serial number should fill automatically the blanks...)

  • How do you go to Parameters?

  • Parameters or Settings, I don't know how it's called on your phone.

  • In settings, the last option should be support.

    There you have two options : Zentalk and My Asus

    Inside MyAsus, at the Mid lower part you should have a Tab for Account which will have your phone in My products.

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    Nice. Thank you so much.

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