Why facebook, Instagram and messenger comes inbuilt in my stock android phone?

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Well., hi I bought a phone a that has stock android which means no extra apps.,

Why even pre installing useless facebook, Instagram and messenger .., yeah ., you people install lots of apps like goole play , google play movies., which google it self discontinued their services years ago.,

Even heard that you people pay to facebook for pre installing their apps ., just why.,


Dear manufactures.,

Please give us clean stock android., we will install apps the we need ., we don’t need them pre installed.,

We don’t need a another gallery app cause we already have Google photos.,

We don’t need another browising app(frickking UCC Browser) cause we already Chrome.,


  • You can find some models signed in Android One Program. They are stock, maybe only - sometimes - the camera app is developed by the device's brand.

    Facebook, Messenger, Instagram...they are partners, like Microsoft and the Office apps on some devices too.

    The Google services are mandatory on any Android devices, they are the system's developers.

    Sorry about my bad english, hope it could help. xD

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