Bugs after update of android 10

edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

1. Developer options not working like forced dark mode and accent colour

2. Lagging in multiple touch response especially in PUBG

3. Phone is heating up quickly without heavy usage.

4. Unable to change notification colour.

5. Software still buggy.

So please look into these problems and send bug free updates and don't think us like testers


    1. We know and it will come later
    2. Does it lag more now than with Pie and how often?
    3. The phone might be working with something even though you can't see it. Does this happen all the time.
    4. You have never been able to change it. Except in apps, if the app allows you, then you can change it.
    5. A new Android version will always be buggy and we're working actively on fixing it. Even before we release a new version where we have solved all known issues, we already know that new bugs will be found right away. This is because there are so many more user patterns with unpredictable usage scenarios when we release to all users compared to when we have a closed beta with maybe 200 beta users.
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