Google play services bug!

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I read a lot of people's suggestions about joining the beta program of play services. I did that and still nothing has happened. Battery life isn't bad but it drains a bit too fast. I haven't charged it to 100 and drained it completely though. But in day to day usage i have noticed battery has been quite a bit worse since this play service bug. ( Normally i charge it to 80-85% and then plug it in after it's less than 20)


  • Try leave the beta program amd uninstall it thru playstore.

    Go to google play service app.

    Clear cache and data.

    And ur play service revert back to its factory version.

    17.4.55. it works for me.

  • I'm finding if I leave wifi turned on during the day at work (not connected to any network) Google Play Service seems to chew battery and usually around 35% for the day. But if I disable wifi (leaving just 4G for internet connectivity) Google Play Services seems to be 5-6% for the day.

    I wonder if it is continually searching for known wifi network (but doesnt find one, and therefore keeps Google Play Service awake... Not sure, but keen to see if anyone else shares the same experience with wifi on / off

  • Look at this. With Mobile data mostly and WiFi turned Off.

  • I think this is definitely a bad actor app doing this. I ended up doing a full reset of my ROG2 over the weekend and did not install some new apps that I had previously installed. Google Play Service went from 35% usage in a day back to 3%.

    I don't think this is at all Google Play Service related, but more related to an app thats keeping Google Play Service awake..

    Anyways, mine seems fixed. For those with issues, maybe try a full wipe/reset, and run on stock apps for a few days and see what happens. If you're getting more than 3-4% in a days usage, then something is definitely wrong (on stock apps).

    For me, the usual apps like Snapseed, Shazam, Speedtest, Minecraft, Instagram, FB and FB Messenger have no issues.

  • Yeah i uninstalled some third party apps and cleared the cache and data of play services and now the problem is gone.

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    I was reading on the net that on Android the last WhatsApp update is causing significant battery drain.

  • Yeah Whatsapp has an "always awake" issue at the moment. Also Viber seems to have the same issue. Best to avoid until its fixed

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    The high Google service battery usage is a combination of many things but in the end it's mostly due to a bug. The number (battery consumption) you see is not the actual number. This bug should be fixed with the Android Q update.

  • For me, the apps that could have been causing the bug were

    1. Telegram
    2. XE currency
    3. QR Code Reader

    I've reinstalled all of them except these and no issues since

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