Vibration stop working in vibration pattern setting

yzlismeyzlisme Level 1
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

Before latest FOTA update, we can test out several vibration pattern in the settings. Now it doesn't seem to work on any option. Vibration on keyboard and games still working fine. Attached screenshot below.


  • Actually, it works, but you need to have the phone off of silent. If you do that, the vibrations are easily felt.

  • Oh if in silent mode cannot get any feedback, it should be dependence of silent mode though.

  • There are 3 modes:

    1. Normal/audible
    2. Vibration only
    3. Silent/no notification

    The selection settings works according to what you have set for your mode. It vibrates in the first 2, and does nothing in the third.

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