How many speakers while on speakerphone call

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How many speakers are active while you are on speakerphone call? Can you activate more than one for a louder experience?


  • Both speaker on both native and third party phone app. Outdoor mode doesn't work for phone cal, only music but it's plenty loud with both speaker for phone call.

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    This phone has the best ringing and call sound of any phone I had.

  • Thanks OPC and duy.

    Now, how is microphone quality?

    Any complaints from the other party if they are not able to hear clearly? Of course, when network is neither too good or too bad.

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    No problem at all. I have long business calls with foreign countries (inside EU) that can last well over an hour. On ear, over speakers, over Bluetooth connection in the car, passing even 2 countries in roaming. Sitting in the office, driving fast and slow. No issue whatsoever. Rog has a high quality hardware. Antennas, microphone, speakers. Very happy. It looks stylish to my partners as well. Those rainbow lines which look very strong on the web in reality are very discreet and beautiful. I went a little if the topic but that's a Rog 2 as a business phone description.

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    This is the first phone after old Nokias in 90's that I hear ringing in my messanger bag while on a busy street,??

  • Thanks duy.

    How is microphone quality?

    Does the other side complain when on earpiece or loudspeaker?

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