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  • I am not disputing the fact that Asus sucks with their updates, which tends to break more than they improve. I often warn people, both on the net and in real life not to buy Asus anything as they will be screwed when Asus release an "update" and break their device. Lets get that out of the way first.

    Now, no, I am not saying "get a DSLR Instead", I am saying that I am surprised that a photographer who makes money from his/her photos only makes it with a camera phone. I don't make money from my photos, only takes them casually, and the ONLY phone which produces photos that I am impressed with is the CM1, no other phones comes close. I find it strange that a "professional" photographer will be satisfied with the quality of a 1/2" sensor, 48MP or not.

    Which by the way, any serious photographer common sense will know that MP is not a measure of picture quality, and putting 48MP onto a 1/2" sensor (your "form factor this small") is not a good idea. Anyway, 48MP on a phone is nothing these days, there are also 64MP and even 108MP sensors on phones too. Still they cannot compare to the ISO, DR, NR and most importantly, focus length and aperture control of a proper camera.

    Smartphone photography is indeed accessible, for casual use. For serious photography, I still uses, at the very least, a 1" sensor compact (now that my CM1 is too old to be useful). Smartphone pictures, are far as I am concerned, casual throwaway pictures, if a photographer that I am paying for turns up with a smartphone, he/she will be kicked out. The person posted he/she lost money because this phone produced crap pictures (I agree) and I am expressing surprise that he/she did not have a real camera, considering that he/she makes money with the photos.

    Either way, back to the matter at hand, I regret to tell you that Asus will not change, they will tell you that there are no issues they can find and you (or the OP) are just making things up. My experience with Asus is they will release more "updates" that will break more of the phone than to fix old bugs. If you want "to get what we paid for", the only way is not to update their phones at all as "updates".

    You can try and downgrade to a previous version, but if something goes wrong, you are on your own as Asus will say that is against their warranty terms.

    Good luck.

  • Refer to last page of the thread and you will find Anders commenting. Massive change of attitude there.

  • @wai.hon.leong your behind the times..... Past 4 years or so cellphone photography has done more than a dslr.... No one wants to buy pieces of a camera an put it together an it cost $5000-$12000 or better.. An having to selli a $25000 camera setup that no one will buy.... Apple. Pixel. Samsung asus lg are the main ones that people here use for local papersan events sure the acrual news people carry dslr... Gotta unzip this un button that take this off an oops... Missed the shot.. ...then theres how every single one is edited quality wise an the programs for cellphones are a bit more fine tuned... ... Even war photos on dslr dont l9ok as good as some randome soldier takin pics at saddams castle... Video as well... I disnt see to many people with their big ass cameras atthe local fair when a ride broke nearly killing people... All the pics an vids came from cellphones.. Apples an pixels...... Please catch up or do some research an see for yourself how much cellphone photography has changed everything

  • @ColorSage no an this aint the tine or place either

  • @evnchn i read it... Supposedly we are picking an choosing photos to prove a point... Im not.. Every pic i take is crap now... But whatever... Gotta get those 3 cwnts an an try an blame everyone but asus. Hdr off on or full there are all crap an i cant do squat with them.... 8ve posted to many befores an afters an i would dare anyone to c9me f8nd me an stand next to me an see for themselves no matter the time or condition.... Same bs pic flat out

  • @evnchn 48mp as well. Hdr -- er i mean hdr ++. Just doesnt work an wuality of pics as a whole hwve decreased alot whether 48mp or 12mp or 9mp

  • Why there is no camera update so far and any bug fixes. two days before there was a minor update still there is a performance drop. Why they are so slow this time after android 10.

  • The minor update fixed the stability of the system...there are lot less and close to zero lags

  • But as the mods said they are testing and we would get an update after everything is done....we all know releasing an update in haste does more bad than good

    Let them do their work and hope for the best

    There's nothing more we can do

  • I'm not sure if thats possible but theres no way we can choose the amount of noise reduction we want?

    Or at least let us shoot Raw photos in Auto Mode. I think that could manage the issue somehow.

    And last but not least, i know this is a delicate topic but please don't forget to check what is preventing Gcam from working. Someone already posted a log about it. I really miss those Night Sight photos since i updated to 10 ?

  • @Anders_ASUS .... sadly mine died today... for the 3rd time it stroked out but 1st time screen blanked out before dying... im guessing mobo issue an cant find the part anywhere.... an its gonna cost as much as the phone itself to take it to a center in china (as it seems this is a tawian phone an no service centers i can find in the US) to MAYBE fix it... to much money... let alone the month or longer wait.... my hearts broke man.... i reeally love this phone ...

  • Very sad indeed but unfortunately I can't help if you bought it in another country. I wish it didn't have to be like this but we can't afford to offer world wide warranty on our phones with the current margin.

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