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i keep hearing about a camera update... is this true? an when will this happen? pics are what it can do with patience in ''new'' nightmode.... its either too fast or not slow enough sometimes right now.... but i managed to get these with it There was an error displaying this embed. There was an error displaying this embed.



  • No camera improvement in nights and wide angle shots they say surely improvement in android 10

  • @sathish281295 nightmode hand held pics go to fast sometimes like maybe half a second an click.... before it was 1 to 2 putting it on a tripod BEFORE A10 update it would take about 20-30 seconds or more an look amazing... AFTER A10 update its 10-15 seconds an looks nothing like it did before... i usually only take 2 pics of whatever im lookin at now i gotta take 5 minimum an 2 MIGHT come out ok on tripod... IF it even recognizes tripod mode... which alot of times NOW it doesnt... i have exit out of camera an start it again for it to finally see it...... sometimes

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    The only thing that changed between Pie and Q when it comes to night mode is the animation. It used to be only a loading circle that needed to be filled but in Q it's a loading circle followed by a processing message. The total time to take a tripod picture is the same and they look the same. So actually, we improved because before, you thought you had to wait before you could move the camera and now in Android Q you know when it's ok to move it. Actually it has nothing to do with Q. We could have had the same camera software in Pie

  • @Anders_ASUS before A10 update on a tripod it was around 30 seconds... i loved that it meant to me cam was takin its time an doin things right..... now... even in whether its a darker area or a fairly lit nightscene.... 15-10 seconds .... an it looks horrid... it literally looks like my old an sold zte axon pro now.... nightmode pics have a rainbow esqe hint all over them pro modes even at 6 seconds usually have some kind or weird tint an absolutely no detail for either one at the moment.... so what increase the speed it takes to make the pic.... thus resulting in worse pics..... ive missed out this month on $1200 alone because of how the camera is now... are you gonna tell 4 different news companies an 2 different photography companies its fine...cuz they fine comb everything i take an they dont want bad pics!!! i currently just tried video at night... a 4k 60 fps vid now looks 1080p 30 fps an with a crapton of light flicker.... NO LIGHT FLICKER ON PIE!!! NONE AT ALL!! noise levels are ridiculous like lookin at a tv station with no signal an just the snow an sound.... these pics are not acceptable in any way!!! this is not the same as before this is worse hdr ++ should be able to pick up designs on sheets like white on rice..... it cant... what it did do was brighten the pic far to much an give everything a nice oil painted no detail no nothing look!!!! the pic has smudged everything that had a design on it... but hdr off sees it just fine??? ( well.... almost)

    hdr off can see detail not like on pie but you can see some detail as far as the squares on sheet.... not all there though

    hdr auto.... detail is lessened alot... squares missing even more

    hdr++ this thing is broken wheres my squares an why is everything oil painted i.e camera is bad no question no doubts

    this is nightmode on a tripod ... took maybe 12 seconds where IN PIE IT WOULD BE 20-30 SECONDS ON TRIPOD depending on light... an theres nothing to be proud of here..... nothing at all everything you want to see is smudge bad colors no detail no nothing .... this is horrible

    this is pro mode.... its not much better but at least here the tower the lightpole an SOME of the trees have a LITTLE BIT of dignity back! grass on left has a tad bit more detail an patch on bottom right as well... a tad more detail

    both of these pics are not ok or good in any way shape or form i cant do anything with these at all

    To prove that the camera is really fine you need to prove that two photos taken in same scenario look identical, which no one was able to do all...whatsoever!!! the last pic... in nightmode... i can CLEARLY see everything all lit up an looking good any other time.... but for the sake of argument nothing close to the camera looks remotely how it should an did last month...... this is without flash as well thats what this camera is doing now... an that pink hue on the left side on the street aint helping either... had that issue before an its popped up again... just in a lighter form this isnt a 1 off thing... not just my phone this is happening to everyone an even the fanboys of asus are coming out an even saying it

    i dont care about google pixels that break in 4 places an cant go past 4k 30 an use twitter an snapchat over saturated bs on their product i want my camera that i had in pie....

    this is same level as my 5 year old zte axon pro... this isnt good at all this is a few steps back..... i get it... whatever its android 10 oooohh everyone wanted android 10...well.. no not everyone but pushing it out an neglecting things an saying nothings wrong.... come on man... it screwed up the camera an there is to many people complaining AND SHOWING this to be true... i dont want to hear ... it doesnt do it to me... thats you ....1 guy... an right now you have a whole section of people on a post saying exactly what i am so 1 persons phone behaving for now isnt gonna be enough to ignore the situation

    as far as video.... its disgusting.... flicker is everywhere now.. noise levels are insanely high an yes... this is a well lit area i have about 5 streetlamps within feet of me this camera even on pie an before it has always been dark... much darker than 5z i can walk to a tree an it will have dark non detailed anything all over it... like a window tint or something an now.... now its worse There was an error displaying this embed.

    doesnt matter how much shorter of time it takes the pic.. its the result that counts an looking in view finder an taking the pic are 2 different results on A10 ...even my timelapse videos at night are worse

    an please by all means correct me if im wrong.. but THE ENTIRE SELLING POINT OF THIS PHONE WAS ITS ULTRA POWERFUL DxO RECORD BREAKING CAMERA an now.... its nothing... i cant use it.. cant make money with 80% noise an no details with low colors levels... this timelapse is a huuge downgrade from previous nightime ones ive done !!! its horrendous

    to prove that the camera is really fine you need to prove that two photos taken in same scenario look identical, which no one was able to do all...whatsoever!!!

  • I would like you to complete this job: Reply to "if you can keep the pie camera software, why not do so?" ASAP

    @Anders_ASUS you literally have one job now, don't ruin it or you may actually wind up appearing in youhadonejob.

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    @Anders_ASUS this timelapse at night is no where near what it was doing before... even regular 4k 60 night time videos stripped down to 1080p 30 an the noise levels are insane as you can see in the last video the details aint there in video any more now... its mush

    A10 was rushed.... an we are all burned by the great dxo marked camera that ...isnt well anymore

    ''defy ordinary'' was its slogan, is now just ''less than ordinary'' aint mad at you mad at situation no one here or up there seems to care about...

  • @Anders_ASUS the legends have it that those who don't read everything in this post will be cursed.

    I know that you are in pain, torn between the company and the customer. The only way to end this pain for good is to actually solve the problem. Despite how hard the management level above you say that a fix is not coming, just shout out the problem regardless, aren't you a channel between us and company, if you don't think that you are a channel, who else may be! As long as there is still a difference in customer expectation brought about by .189 and the actual experience, rage will occur. Don't you ever think about banning / even just ignoring people, that will make things worse. If you do feel uncomfortable PMing me about the actual situation in the company in the Asus forum, contact me on telegram with the same name as my ID here. If you are too tired of everything going on in the forum, let me tell you a little story. In HK, the China government is ordering the chief executive to suppress the demonstration towards democracy, and the chief executive order the police. Countless police have resigned due to the China government is impossible to change and they will be always torn between the two sides. Should you resort to what the HK police are doing, or GET UP AND DO STH? ONLY YOU can be the judge.

    I will be very straight to the fact when you have enable TURBO MODE of evnchn, and which all of the performance loss of Zenfone 6 apparently have triggered the mode.

  • @Anders_ASUS

    to prove that the camera is really fine you need to prove that two photos taken in same scenario look identical, which no one was able to do all...whatsoever!!!

    my case an point... heres 3 of them.... no hdr hdr auto hdr++ there is no reason at all whatsoever for hdr++ to not have ANY DETAIL!! it has none on the tree by the street sign is darker an has no resolve or range of any kind... AND IN ALL 3 PICS THE TREES ARE BLACK!!! no honestly.. hdr auto really doesn't either... no hdr is better than hdr ++!!!?? thats insane .... thats horrible man!!! an the quality of the pics all together is just ghastly.... like im back in 2005 using an htc....THIS IS NOT NORMAL!! AN NOT THE WAY THIS CAMERA TOOK PHOTO'S A MONTH AGO!!

    hdr off the tree on the left is out of whack completely no resolve no detail.. ITS DAYLIGHT AN ITS BLURRY!!! the trees alone are destroyed in this pic why? bad camera thats why...the old man has that oil painting look the sidewalk is a complete linear nightmare can barely read anything even with hdr off that shouldnt happen... an ALL trees are black theres no shadows no detail no nothing.. even the street light is washed out an undetailed ....even with hdr off this should not be happening at all!! theres hardly any real color in this an thats bad

    hdr auto its barely a bit brighter... trees are still black in broad daylight tree on left is still a nightmare with barely any detail coming back to it an is still a hazy mess... shadows are bombed an trees are BARELY coming back from complete blackness colors made a smidge of a comeback...streetlight is still the same mess BUT theres a 0.04 improvement in detail (sarcasm) as i can juuuuuuuust make out what i think are branches on trees... i dunno still hard to tell .... NO REAL IMPROVEMENT

    hdr ++ ( otherwise now known as hdr--) how in the !$%# is this even legal.... ITS WORSE THAN NO HDR AT ALL!! no accurate colors ...( if any even at all) the tree on the left vanished from the black shadows the other trees are black an no detail whatsoever the street light is even worse an everything is oil painted.....

    man this is ridiculous.... i got nothing to take pics with.. i got nothing to record videos with...... please feel free to contact any of my 3 employees that have photography in their blood an degrees on their walls an tell them this thing is fine... they will not agree... an my paycheck says it too

    i said it a few times in this forum an im saying it again.... i had a strange feeling this badass camera wasnt gonna last an well.... essential PH-1 anybody?

    now that ive shown that no 3 pics are alike.... i can re record someplaces in day an night to show the difference there if you want? .... its not gonna be pretty i can assure you that.... this is all truth you see it so why is it not being acknowledged?

    to prove that the camera is really fine you need to prove that two photos taken in same scenario look identical, which no one was able to do all...whatsoever!!!

    defy ordinary is now less than ordinary we back in 2005 yall !!

  • Silence! That is just ridiculus accusation! Everything works just fine.

  • @peter.kadlec .... No.... No it isnt.... Ive got more than enough proof here an on the photo thread BEFORE the update..... An what it looks like after... Can you prove its fine?.....

  • Yes everything just works. But not upto the mark. If you think the current stock cam is good, then you haven't noticed what the device offered when it was on pie.

    From what i have noticed, it messes up the exposure and smoothens too much. And hdr++ is now broken

  • @peter.kadlec

    Show me... 3 pics hdr off hdr auto hdr ++ timestamp so we can see it ...same place same time... just like mine not 3 different places and show what android you have...... If no response... Well its fairly obvious this is bs considering you only made 3 comments an magically showed up on the 19th when all this was picking up steam.... Quite suspect.... Fake account possibly

    Hdr auto an hdr ++... Both are waayy off the mark the wall on the left in both has to much wrong the trees have no detail an are waay to black... To much proof in these pics that says there is certainly an issue

  • Chill out Im just messing with you. It is called sarcasm.

    All the mods are telling that these problems are just rare cases...

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    @peter.kadlec rare cases? im on 2 fb pages of zenfones 5z an 6 with 8k or better an one chat with 11,000 people... thats not a rare case..... thats legitimate issue... that an even here... a whoooooole section of people complaining about camera downgrade..... you sound very familiar...hhmmm mods aint said squat except nothings wrong or .... well... nothing at all

  • @peter.kadlec also... thanks for not doing what i asked... an called out that it wouldnt be done.... just sayin

  • One is grainy, pinky, and the ceiling light looks, well, awful

    One is clear, color-accurate and the ceiling light looks good.

    I'm speechless, how about you?

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    Those photos are indeed crap BUT I find it hard to believe that a professional photographer will use a camera phone for his work and try to make money from it. Don't you have a proper camera? I am just a casual photographer and I have a APS dslr, 4/3 MILC and a 1" compact for different situations. I will expect someone who take pictures for money to have a FF or bigger dslr. The only camera phone that I ever had that can come close to professional quality is the Panasonic CM1 (and it didn't even had a "paid for" DXO score!) and sadly they do not make a CM2 to update it. Everything else, Android or Apple, cannot match or even come close to its quality.

  • Wow. We are getting into the territory of telling people to get DSLR instead. The whole point of this 48MP sensor thing is to deliver photo of adequate quality to a form factor this small. We aren't getting what we paid for, or, to be exact, we used to get what we paid for in update .189 and now we don't get it. The point of smartphone photography is to make photography accessible, and your argument is against that. If you know that your argument will be rebutted by common sense this easily, think before sending it.

  • He was joking. You are not supposed to take it for real.

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