ROG 2 Custom & Default sound/ringtone issue

michelangalomichelangalo Level 1
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I have added a custom ringtone and now i don't see system sounds.

There should be a way to see system sounds without deleteing custom sounds. Attaching video to show the same. There was an error displaying this embed.


  • This is a bug. It's not supposed to look like that. I don't know how to fix it. You could try to go to settings -> apps & notifications -> see all xxx apps -> three dot menu in top right corner -> show system -> settings -> storage & memory -> clear storage. Maybe you need to do this for the "settings storage" app too. I'm really not sure if this will work and it will reset a lot of your settings but it's still better than doing a full factory reset.

  • I really don't want to impact any settings. Can you kindly forward this bug to the dev team so they can look into this.

  • We can log your device. Without anything to go on, we will never find this bug.

    I can send you a PM with instructions

  • Our dev team has looked at your log file and can confirm that this bug is due to that you've installed a xiaomi file explorer which is not compatible. Uninstall it, remove the custom sound and add the sound using our file explorer. Hopefully your sounds will start working again.

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