Zenfone 6 : unable to share Slow motion video

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Hi Team,

I am unable to share Slow motion videos through what's app. It doesn't run in WhatsApp. It get stuck from the point slo-mo starts. If i save it by adding music, then it works.. with out music it get stuck..


  • Maybe whatsapp doesn't support slo-mo. According to WhatsApp's perspective it's a different thing, when you add music the slo-mo video becomes a normal full length video.

  • To share a slow motion videos, you must first "export" the movie using "Gallery".

  • Even I'm facing the same issue.

    First on pie and now on Android 10 too. The exported videos doesn't play in WhatsApp, both is status and sent messages. My friends who have Mi, Realme, Apple, Samsung etc smartphone aren't facing this kind of issue.

  • can you please record your screen using the native screen recorder? When I attach a slow motion video that isn't transcoded. Then whatsapp will compress is and send it as a normal video without any slow motion. If I transcode the video first by pressing save after I've decided where I want the slow motion, then whatsapp will compress and show the video with slow motion. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    So I'm guessing you're doing this in a different way and that's why I need the video. A video says more than a million words :)

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