Any news on Android 10 for RU?

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Still no RU versions of Q updates ?, nor FOTA or here:

Is there even an approximate forecast for the date? ?

I updated manually on WW and now google pay does not work ?

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    Sorry not being Asus staff idk when 10 for RU will be out but I also had the issue with Google Play not working after I upgraded. A user here helped me:

    1. Check that your device is certified for Play Protect in Play Store by going to Settings and scroll to the bottom

    2. If not, clear storage and cache in Play Store, Google Play Services and Google Services Framework (toggle Show System in the three dot menu to see the last two), then reboot your phone. I had to do this a few times but eventually it showed my device as certified.

    3. Then clear storage and cache on Google Pay and re-add your cards, they should now work as before :)

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    Thanks, mate! Same steps helped me too!

    Now i have no questions, topic can be solved ?


  • RU version starts to have Android 10, the update notice had just been published.

  • Yep, i think that is main reason why GPay began to work

    it's just a coincidence with what i did with all those cache and storage clearing ?

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