importance of aircooler/ temperature limit

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1. is it necessary to attach the aircooler if we play for long hours especially in hot country like philippines?

2. what will happen if the cooler is not attach if playing for long hours and while charging?

3. please tell us the borderline of temperature (in celsius) for us to know and avoid so that when we see that temp level we will stop right away and let our phone rest?

thank you hope you give us answers to be able to prolong the life span of our beloved beast phone

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  • OPCOPC Level 4

    I play Asphalt 9 sometimes for several hours. Without the air cooler attached the phone will heat up fast to 45 deg. C. The max I experienced was 46 deg. C. I always play in X mode with performance set to max and screen at 90 Hz as Asphalt cannot go beyond 62-64 fps. The air cooler is keeping the temperature steady at 41 deg. C. This can go for hours. It reduces temperature by 4 to 5 deg. C. Besides it blows the air to my fingers, which makes playing much more comfortable. So a definite recommendation for the cooler.

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