Asus 6Z restarting after call disconnection.



  • We've made almost 2000 phone calls with two sims in India without being able to reproduce this issue so we really need your help.

  • Sorry, didn't mean to include you in the list. You're the only one who has helped so far.

    Can you please tell me more about how you came across this restart? Please use the example format below


    1. Insert valid sim cards SIM1:Airtel and SIM2:Airtel

    2. Mobile Date is set on SIM1: Airtel

    3. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is OFF.


    1. Make an VOLTE conference call:

    a. Make Call from Device1 to Device 2 > Click on add > Make call from Device 1 to Device 3.

    b. Merge the call in Device 1 to make conference call.

    2. Receive an VOLTE conference call:

    a. Receive Call from Device 2 to Device 1 > Receive another call on Device 1 from Device 3.

    b. Merge the call in Device 1 to form conference call.

  • Hi.. I don't want to make things complicate.

    Few things and brief analysis.

    I use both Airtel SIM. VoLTE enabled in SIM 1.

    Restart occurs whenever I end the call that I made. Means end of outgoing call. When I press the end button, no response, phone freeze in the call screen. Then after 5 or few seconds, phone restarted. No matter, the duration of call, short or long duration.

    During , conference call, either incoming or outgoing, after the conversation finished, when I press end option, phone freeze for around 5 or few seconds in the call screen. Then it restarted.

    I faced this issue, in both the SIM cards of above mentioned scenario.

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    @Anders_ASUS@CH_ASUS , @LP_ASUS

    I'm too having the restart issue past weeks. Daily 2 - 3 times mobile gets restarts after the call ends in both the sim cards. I'm from India using Airtel Volte and Vodafone networks. Both are 4G Sim cards. You can see my attached log file below. Please fix this issue at the earliest. Don't let us to think why we have purchased Asus Mobile. Since I'm kind of that stage only. Guys this is something basic and I'm wondering how come these issues are happening even after multiple phases of testing done by your side. Too Frustrated. :(

  • I upgraded to Android 10 today and I started facing the same problem. Phone restarts after the call ends. This is the second 6z I have got, the first one was restarting every 10-15 mins and sometimes it was stuck in loop. I have been using Asus ROG laptop for many years now but Asus 6z has really weakened my confidence in Asus now. How can both of phones have hardware issues and that too immediately after updating the software? Please stop asking customers to reset phones after every update. I used Moto G5 plus before this for nearly 2.5 years and never had to format it once, also it came at half the price of what Asus 6z costs.

  • Your first phone was hardware issue. This issue is software but we believe we have fixed it now. I try not to ask our customers to reset unless I don't know any other solution. I'm aware of the inconvenience in doing so but it's better than not helping their situation.

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    We will soon have a new FOTA update that we hope will fix this issue. Please let us know if you still experience any restarting after a call after this FW update. Thank you all for your help and patience in solving this!

  • @Anders_ASUS Thank you for working on this. Waiting for the update eagerly.

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