Asus 6Z restarting after call disconnection.

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My asus 6z is restarting everytime i disconnect a call from main screen ... But if I minimise the call screen and disconnect the call from there... There is no restart problem



  • ok.. try and long press your phone app -> press the i (with a circle around it) -> Storage & chance -> clear storage

    Any improvement?

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    if it doesn't help, you can try and go to settings -> system -> reset options and here you reset both wi-fi, mobile etc + reset app preferences. You will have to relogin into all apps that require login after this. There might be other side effects but it's better than to make a total reset

  • For past, two weeks phone randomly restarts after incoming or outgoing call ended.

    I can tell, it's after 10 update, but here in this forum , the so called intellectuals will definitely tell, this problem not faced by them. So, please stay away.

    And, please do factory reset or so and so gimmicks, all the wet onion things I know. So, kindly avoid comments like factory reset.

    Seriously this have hardware issue, which was , will triggered by few software tweeks. That the whole team, failed to admit the defective in process or yet to progress.

    It's a major or minor concern , problem is a problem. Need a solution or some technical inspection.

  • Unfortunately there is no fix for random reboot issue. I have tried many things from my end, but it was useless. I had to take it to service center and get the motherboard replaced.

  • It's not about that earlier issue. That am also already replaced motherboard for logo bootloop issue.

    It's entirely new issue after 10 update.

    Only, during calls ended this restart happended. That too , randomly once or twice in a day

  • Yes, this reboot issue after a call has started after Android 10 update.

    This is random and doesn't occur everytime after ending a call.

  • Yes... This random restart occurs after call ended.

    And,not only two of us ... Most probably many. Either they not observe or not commented here or they don't make / receive calls.

  • Ss sir i have a same problem restart daily one time

  • Today the same thing happened to me and i alreqdy did factory reset twice after restart issue in pie and ui lags in 10 so don't ask for factory reset again

  • And those who haven't experienced the issue don't comment here..cause we know not everybody is experiencing it but we don't need assurance from those who haven't faced the issue....we are not idiots here trying to waste time of ours and others @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS

  • And for extra info my phone was connected to bluetooth earphones and stopped suddenly as soon as i cut the call

    I've seen some threads also telling about this issue when wearing bluetooth headsets

  • I have faced this twice. One just right now.

  • It has nothing to do with Bluetooth headset.

  • This restarts happens when signal is bit low ...

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    Hi... Any feedback for this issue. It's getting from bad to worst day by day. Nowadays, daily at least 3 or 4 times phone getting restarted after call ended.

    And moreover, Everytime restarted after conference call ended.

    Either admit the issue, rather than tell " do factory reset ". Every person in technical field, know it's a hardware related triggered by software.

    According to Asus theory of only few hundreds among millions suffered this problem, so you guys don't care, please be sorry for yourself.

  • Ss sir i have also have a problem

  • I am facing this issue a lot more now.

  • After upgrading to android 10, this phone's performance had degraded to a level that phone restarts while in a call.

    I lock the screen while in call as the proximity sensor sucks and at times my ear touch is counted as a touch and phone went to airplane mode due to those touches.

    After locking the phone sometimes it freezes and restarts.

    The trigger seems to be if I pull Phone away from my ear after locking it while in call.

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