Refresh rate option is greyed out



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    Still greyed out during december .64 december update.

    Cleared armory crate and screen recorder storage and cache.

    But any armory games do not allow fps changes while playing (grey button), even if you have no profile for that game or fps was set at "as system".

    I suspect something about default profiles changed, perhaps they all have a locked profile now?. Given my issue is slightly different from everyone else's, perhaps you broke it this way by trying to fix the longplay bug? I haven't experienced that longplay bug.

    Fps change works if in armory.

    Or if you removed a game from armory, game then lets u change fps from quickbar.

    This bug wasnt in the august 12 patch you could freely change fps on quickbar during armory games.

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    "Republicans" nd Dev's

    I purchased ROG 3 12GB 256GB variant last week from flip kart

    i am not a gamer and not installed any gaming apps or any software or any update.

    I am also facing greying locked out @ 120Hz and only after restarting the device the issue clears off...

    Few more issues

    *** Type C headset Adapter not working while calls and getting disconnected in between calls, i thought it was due to loose connection but it occurs only during calls and not during multimedia usage this too is a software issue

    *** My devices heats Up even at 60 Hz without any usage or while watching a video, i normaly keep mobile data Switched on, on Airtel 4G and while on standby and it heats up.

    *** Phone Charges in Hyper Charge Mode when charged in switched off mode even if i set slow charging at 10 watt in battery settings.

    *** Battery Backup is not upto mark I don't even play games and i get battery backup from morning 06 am till 11 pm @ night with very light to moderate usage. After charging the power master shows 7hrs of backup at 100% Charge.

    *** The Fingerprint scanner is pathetic it does not recognize my fingers often I have tried adding my fingers and it loses out 5 times and on 6th try it unlocks. This happens very often even with clean and dry fingers and screen

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    This is a ROG 2 forum, please post in the ROG 3 forum your issue as you have ROG 3.

  • Its a bug which was in rog 3 too and its fixed in rog 3 and is still in rog 2. Yes this bug is almost an year old and nothing is done to fix it. Thanks asus

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