Max Pro M2 Wi-Fi bug.

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Hey there Asus, My Max Pro M2 having a problem here. After i updated the phone to the latest firmware which is 16.2017.1910.071.

Every time i turn my Wi-Fi on, my phone keeps shutting down. I've done every single thing i read from google to try to fix it but nothing can be done. So i really hope that there will be new firmware update because as of now i can't use my phone while Wi-Fi is on and that is really shame. Meanwhile, my brother have the same phone as me, he didn't update to the latest firmware yet he is still in 16.2017.1908.070.

And his phone is still working normally. So please, i really hope that there will be new firmware really really soon so that i can use my phone normally again or else i don't know what to do with my phone anymore.


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    Anyone? Someone from Asus come on!! This isn't even my fault it's your firmware. Just answer can you make a new firmware in this month? Imagine if you got this problem and you can't do anything with the phone cause every TIME i turn my WiFi on it's shutting down!! It's not my fault that's it.

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    2 days and still no comment from Asus or the mods. You guys just gonna let a customer hanging? Aight then. No wonder why so many people don't buy Asus with this kind of services. Your update causing me to go to you and end up not getting any answers. Just fix the WiFi bug and release the new firmware if you're not going to answer -_-".

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    What a useless forum. All the mods and Asus staff avoiding the REAL question and bugs YOU guys did!! I will sure remind my self not to buy Asus product anymore. It's like the customer doesn't exist at all. F*ck you all. Pretend like the bugs doesn't exist meanwhile ME/customer suffering from it. Had enough patient. I'm done with this Product, to the bin it goes.

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