Bring Back Video Recording In Pro Mode

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The only reason that I've been sticking around with PixelMaster for several years now, is because it used to support Video in the Pro Mode which gave me a ton of features like manual focus, exposure, white balance etc. I have made some amazing videos with it & last year the Zenfone 5Z literally blew my mind with it's superior quality manual video. This year I upgraded to the Zenfone 6 (ASUS 6Z here in India) and I was disappointed to find that Pro Mode cannot shoot video anymore because Video is now a separate option.

I need to make videos because the profession I'm in & I hugely depend on the the Manual Video controls of my smartphone for that. This year, not having that feature is giving me a very hard time. I'm sticking around with ASUS since 2014 because you guys always had exactly what I needed. This year you removed one of the most important features to me that I use all the time. Can you please bring it back with an update as soon as possible? I'm having a really hard time because of it.


  • I think they will do such addition soon. This is my first Asus device hence I don't know anything about their older devices. But it would be really good to get this feature in this device. Videos from this device are better than many devices but if we got pro mode for videos to customize by our choice it would be really awesome

  • Adjusting the settings manually while recording a video is feature that helps me to create professional looking videos. I've been dependent on it for a long time. I don't know why the new Camera app does,'t have that feature anymore. I need that feature which is why I bought an ASUS device again. But, found out that they've removed Video in Pro mode. I need it back as soon as possible. Hope they do something about it.

  • Hmm try extracting apk from 5z? Adding manual controls for video should be straightforward for Asus to do because the camera2 api is already in use, and you just add a bypass to whatever function that defines the camera values automatically in video. Perhaps wait.

  • It has already been discussed internally that we should have a pro mode for video but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will happen or anytime soon. But I want you to know that we're aware that some people are missing this feature.

    Using the camera from 5z wouldn't work very well. It wouldn't have better support than a 3rd party app and there are 3rd party apps with even better controls. One user recommended Filmic Pro even though it didn't work with the wide angle lens. I haven't tried it myself but he was blown away by the quality and all the options.

  • Actually Filmic Pro is more suited for iOS compared to Android. It doesn't necessarily work as well in Android. It's good though. However, it costs 1050 INR on the Play Store which is a lot of money. The Pro Mode video option was there till 5Z & I used to make great videos with it. I bought the Zenfone 6 (ASUS 6Z) thinking that it'll improve the video a lot on that & I don't have the 5Z anymore. So, I will request you to consider giving the Manual Video Controls back.

  • Yes please bring out the option manual video from pro mode please it helps out

  • This would be a great feature. I was wondering why it wasn't implemented from the start.

  • Y'all should put it back. This feature has been around since Zenfone 2 series and looking back, this is how you've gained my respect in the first place towards your stock camera, PixelMaster and the overall camera experience. You offered us a feature that separates Asus devices among others.. the ability to record a video in pro mode is such an important feature to remove. Please, do bring it back.

  • hi, please put this feature in Z6, because I was a huge fan of 5z and vlogging with fixed shutter speed + 60fps but I cannot do this in Z6, if I do this with Z6 the video become choppy when I'm in dark area transition because shutter speed automatically slowing down :( , I purchased Filmic Pro and also several video apps to overcome this but all apps is not supporting 60fps :( , please implement this Pro functionality and I'm willing to pay for this feature if it must.

  • and also will be good to put 720p +60fps because Facebook is not supporting 60fps for 1080p, currently I have to convert all videos into 60fps just for Facebook upload.

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