Flickering while recording SloMo videos

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Hi Guys, my brand new phone flickers while taking SloMo videos, not sure if it's a software or a hardware problem.

Does anyone else facing the same issue. See attached sample video.


  • How did you set Anti-flicker?

    50Hz / 60Hz / Auto?

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    It's set to auto.

  • Do you have LED lights? What if you record in the same mode outside?

  • i have noticed the same.. no led or any external lights. it was bad earlier now not usable.

    https://us.v-cdn.net/6031231/uploads/577/Y88S9E5QDXKQ.mp4 There was an error displaying this embed.

  • Try it in an outdoor environment with plenty of sunlight, and it is susceptible to flickering in the room due to the frequency of the lamp.

    The common fluorescent tube is a kind of gas lamp. There is a low-pressure argon or argon-helium mixed gas and mercury vapor in the tube. The light and color temperature of the tube will change with the frequency of the alternating current, which will cause flicker. However, because the frequency of flicker is very high, it is difficult for the naked eye to recognize, and it will be perceived that the lamp emits continuous light. But for electronic instruments, the flashing frequency of fluorescent lamps is not high. Therefore, the ripple phenomenon of the mobile phone and the camera is caused by the frequency of the light source, the shutter, and the photosensitive element.

  • Then try it to set manually to 50Hz / 60Hz according your country.

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