Narrow down, Asus Zenfone 6/6z reboot issue

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I am just trying to narrow down the random reboot issue. People having this issue, kindly use the format below to report:

Asus Zenfone 6 or Asus 6z(Indian version):


Manufacturing Date (Please check the box):

Issue since Android P or Android 10:


My details:

Asus Zenfone 6 or Asus 6z(Indian version): Asus 6z

64GB/128GB/256GB: 64GB

Manufacturing Date (Please check the box): May,2019

Issue since Android P or Android 10 beta/stable: Android 10 stable


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    I can tell you that it doesn't matter if it's a ZenFone 6 och ASUS 6z. They are both the same phone, manufactured in the same place. Size doesn't matter and Android version doesn't matter. The only factor that actually makes a difference is the manufacturing date, the later the better. Sales has been going well for ZenFone 6 so the chance of getting a device with a pretty recent manufacturing date is fairly good.

  • No , brother , previously giving my mobile to service centre on booting (on switch on mobile) zenfone logo is coming , after service zenfone logo is not coming ,

    I don't know why there is difference, i dont need because my mobile working fine ,

    Asus 6z ,asus zenfone 6z both are different

  • Asus sold me 2 faulty Asus 6z in past 4 months. Now asking me to take it to service center. Do you think I should really believe Asus now? And Asus has a stupid way to follow up the case. Everyday a new person will call and give me a new service number. I don't understand how to follow it up. I

    Now I have to waste my time to fix a device that is just 4 months old because Asus couldn't do a proper quality check before selling out the devices

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