Rog phone 2 o Oneplus 7t pro ??

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I've been without a phone for a month trying to decide between oneplus 7t pro and e Rog phone 2 but tomorrow is 11-11, so it's time to go for one or the other ... which one would you buy? I know all about both I just want partial opinions


  • Buy OnePlus device

  • Same boat like you. I was deciding b/w OP7pro and Asus ROG. End up buying 1 of each (I use Rog and wifey on OP7pro) so I did have experience on both. The screen red tint and brighness does not bother me to the point of return ROG for OP7p. But if I make the decisions again i would buy 2 OP7p. Everything else about the ROG is awesome, phone is a beast, battery kick ass. Hope they implement a system software fix fornthe screen which is posible.

  • Rog have better screen and battery, i picl rog for give asus a chance. Lets see.

  • Rog have better battery but definitely not screen. OnePlus screen is far better.

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