Closing background apps issue/ contact details editing

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edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

When the recent apps list is displayed after clicking that navigation button, at times clicking Clear button does not clear the apps (or at least it looks so). After clicking, next time again those apps show in the list. One has to Super Clean the memory and then that list clears.

Also, at times, editing the contact and clicking tick icon does not do anything and screen kind of hazes. One has to click back button and then save the changes to update the record.


  • Are you talking about Android 10? And I assume you just installed it and you're talking about the built-in contacts application. It is so?

    Did you restart your phone at least once after updating?

  • Oh sorry, I forgot to mention that. It's Android 10 only.

    Yes, it's about the default contact app only. I have been using Android 10 i guess since last 3-4 days when the update came. From that time there have been multiple restarts and power offs.

  • I want to help but first you need to record this behaviour with your screen recorder.

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