? Alarm when the phone is turned off

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Well, like some old phones of 2009 (iPhone did that at a time if I remember),

we have now the ability to allow the alarms to ring even if the phone has been turned off.

ZenUI Clock > 3 dots ••• > Always-on alarm

The phone will turn on automatically and ring (even if your SIM card is still locked).


  • This is the first time i was hearing this type of setting i think it would be nice to have.

  • Yes sir, that's awesome.

  • I will add this suggestion in our tips & tricks. Thanks! ;)

  • rfarfa Level 2

    This is awesome. Every thing about this phone continues to tick my boxes :)

    All I have left is to put the sounds from Android 9 back (the charging sound etc)

  • heyokaheyoka Level 3

    Nice for always on alarm! I have version 5, I see there's a version 6, (Aptoide for example or apkmirror) Aptoide says downgrade when I want version 6! Any idea of what to do and why we are still with version 5 on Zenfone6?

  • heyokaheyoka Level 3
    edited March 2020

    Oops I have version 6!

    It's when I want info on PlayStore where it shows it's version 5!! I don't understand....

  • VS-KRVS-KR Level 4
    edited March 2020

    Main ZenUI apps (Clock, Sound recorder, Camera, File Manager, Phone, Weather, ...) are now updated via system update, not from Google Play !

    Only MyAsus and Asus Data Transfer are updated via Google Play.

    The changelogs that you see on Google Play was written by ASUS to explain what they did for v5, not to show you which version you have.

  • Vru26Vru26 Level 2

    That's for this piece of information. That was helpful.

  • heyokaheyoka Level 3

    Ok ! Merci pour l'explication (thank you) ?

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