Zenfone 6 camera is blurry and pixels are showing (brand new phone, need help)

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I'm using my asus zenfone 6 for only two days. @Asus lab @ASUS ZenFone 6

Last night my selfie camera was a bit buggy, but after i enabled acces from instagram and reset my phone it worked again. My problem now: when i'm using the camera app on time lapse, video or night mode, the screen becomes blurry with red and yellow pixels. When i choose a normal picture or a video on full HD 60 FPS the problem is gone. When i take a picture the image result is also clear So i'ts only on the camera app on a few camera modes.

I already tried the following things:

-Restart my phone a few times

-clearing caches and memory

-Cleaning my phone lens

-Taking off the case (no sensor problem)

-No screen or camera applied (just recieved the phone on thursday)

-Going frome Android 9 to Android 10 (still the same problem)

-Factory reset (still the same problem)

Need some help, this is not normal on a brand new phone!


  • If it's brand new. Within 7 days, then talk to the store you bought it from. Older than that, please contact ASUS support. It really sounds like a software issue but since you have already tried everything, only hardware remains.

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