Zenfone 6 after Android 10 Update No More LTE and No Mobile Data During Call!

brazildan87brazildan87 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Updated to Android 10 yesterday or today - been a long day. Now I cannot connect to 4GLTE it only says 4G+ and the connection speed is NOTICEABLY slower. Also, when someone calls, my 4G+ connection drops completely and I see H in the upper right hand corner instead of 4G+. This phone completely lost it's ability to handle LTE!!! ASUS said they would send me an RMA but I never received it!!


  • What region are you in? I can check your RMA status if you're in the United States.

  • Do you have two sim cards and do you see the same behaviour on both of them. If you do have two cards and maybe you only have this issue on one of them, then please make sure you have Dual SIM 4G enabled in the settings for your SIM card?

    You will only be able to surf if the incoming call is on the same card that you have enabled for data.

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