Asus 6z Bluetooth issue after android 10 update



  • Workaround i found is that if i connect both headphones individually i.e in order Right first and left second. It works perfectly fine but it won't auto reconnect i.e you have to reconnect everytime which is pain in the .....asus needs to fix this!!

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    Facing the same issue since the android 10 update. Unable to change the codec or audio channel mode in developer options. And when connected to my JBL speakers via bluetooth the settings app is crashing when I am trying to enter developer options. It's been around 3-4 months since this bluetooth issue pertained. The stability also decreased compared to android 9. My true wireless earbuds only work on default audio channel which is causing my earbuds controls to malfunction. Can someone please update on this issue.(Unable to use developer options).

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    Hello. I also have problem with Bluetooth audio. I got Speakers with BT - Edifier R1280DB and second smartphone - Mi A2 Lite.

    With Zenfone 6, after pairing and connecting with speakers i cant choose Aptx HD - i have only Default, SBC, AAC, Additional codecs (what is this?) and disable additional codecs. In meanwhile Mi A2 Lite after pairing and connecting to the same speakers have multiple codecs to choose, including AptX HD. Same with Mi A3. I think there is something definetly wrong with BT Audio here - that may be issue with integrated equalizer app.

    Also what is "Additional audio codecs" option?

    Whats more interesting, if i forget the speakers from Zenfone, keep BT ON, i can see same, long list of codecs available, after pairing with some device that list is way shorter.

  • After latest update i still dont have APTX HD option available under developer settings, once i got connected to speakers (that are supporting Aptx HD).

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