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  • AadishAadish Level 1

    After android 10 my rog 2 is giving only 4 to 5hours of sot .The so called 6000mah battery seems to me now of 3300mah battery -_-.after android 10 my phone is lagging hanging again and again-_-. Camera doesn't work properly video always keep on hanging no stabilization at all.

  • Updatet to Android 10

    Cod Not playable

    Getting back to Android 9

    Now normal Apps crashed (9gag, BlueMail)

    Android 10 Ruins my phone

  • All my issues were solved after I did a clean update to android 10.

    This is my current battery stat ?

  • Do a factory reset. Everyone in this forum that had problems after updating to A10 that made that solved 99% of all problems.

    But most games are not optimized to Android 10, so the only thing that has to be done is wait for developers do their job...

  • A10 totaly broke this phone.

    I have done a downgrade to A9 and everything is perfect.

    CoD is as good as at old times and battery and system is so smooth. I recomend to do a downgrade to A9 - phone is 20% faster and all apps works fine. Also battery is in better condition.

  • After Android 10 fps drops in Asphalt 9.

    Sometimes micro frizes.

  • kcyeohkcyeoh Level 1

    Just update Android 10 , gallery , camera and Google music can't open . Pls help

  • Multi core performance is dropping day by day in A10

  • jyun88jyun88 Level 2

    Another BUG to add on stable Android 10.

    I use Galaxy Watch pair with my ROG 2.

    Ever since update to A10,the Bluetooth logo didn't show connected sign. It just show Bluetooth ON.

    Total BUG so far i face is

    1-Chrome Freeze

    2-notification issue. No notification unless i open the app.(turned off optimization,all notification ON) especially whatsapp which is very important

    3-Silent notification (i didn't use Do Not Disturb mode)

    4-notification bar long tap(after long tap and enter to the settings,the notification bar will still appear

    5-FB app close video will have fading lag(i tried reinstall but problem is back)

    6-certain game will have pixels crash(crash colours dots) when the game load certain motions.

    Day to day,more and more bug appears.

    Hope new update will fix all of these...

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    I can share the BT icon not showing connection

  • PlZ fix them phone is totally lagging during games plz

  • Jan 5 security patch. And this is the asus flagship phone ??

  • uri13uri13 Level 1


    I'm in the A10 M3.0 stable and it's working not so bad, pretty nice. Some laggs somewhere, almost 0 although.

    But the problem is the 90hz PUBG is draining A LOT of battery, and the phone is overwhelming at the point even burning some minutes later starting it. And in general the battery is worse... But I love the gestures of A10.

    Do you know how to downgrade to A9 but with the A10 gestures?


  • Air triggers not working properly I have two press it twice or thrice to get it activated sometimes. Many other rog 2 users are also reporting this. Kindly fix this asap

  • NiksNiks Level 1

    Issues facing in ROG 2 after updating to Android 10 to latest version.

    Phone heats up quite a lot while gaming

    Phone randomly shuts down while charging

    Phone screen goes black while gaming

    updated my phone to the latest Android 10 update but still facing these issues

    How to solve this you, have tried restoring my phone to android 9 through Asus official support site

    all the things mentioned above happens in Android 9 as well what to do and how to solve these issues please help me

    I've used lot of phones starting from Google pixel to an iPhone I bought this phone because of gaming and this phone does has good gaming but Asus is really in providing softwares to this phone they call it the flagship

    The phone was much better in Android 9 but after upgrading to Android 10 it became pathetic and now when I am degrading it to Android 9 the phone is behaving the same way in Android 10.

    Asus support tell me what to do in this lockdown how to solve these issue for my phone

  • Fix the air triggers please. It is very annoying as I am a competitive player I can't afford a bug that's making me loss every single time .

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