ROG Phone 2 (12/512) Freezes and Auto Restart Problem




    Hello @Anders_ASUS I've been told you're the mod to talk to about this,

    So my device first started having issues where it would random reboot and freeze and shutdown completely, soon after frequent 2-3 reboots and freezes everyday it died on 29th April 2020. It had similar issues in the month of Feb 2020 where they replaced my motherboard, I have the RMA number for that and this makes it the 2nd malfunctioning of the device.

    Now the problem is I've been without a working device for more than 20 days, due to lockdown no service centers aren't open here in the city, delivery services are running fine, have exchanged emails with ASUS Customer service for the past 20 days with all the details, video of the device being dead, build number, etc, ASUS has been denying any kind of service and is telling me everytime to wait which I definitely can't, I'm freaking frustrated!!

    So lets read this again, I am without a working device for more than 20 days now , service centers aren't open in the city, lockdown won't be over anytime soon, my studies and work is on halt. I'm sending this message & emails through someone else's phone, i have been in contact with ASUS through this person's number and yes ofcourse they give me the same reason every freaking time, denying any kind of service. It seriously sucks to be in this situation!

    I'm stuck and feeling helpless!!! Help me out!!!

  • I'm really disappointed choosing this rog 2 i thought this phone is a beast but fucking not! Republic of gg!

  • @Anders_ASUS can you also provide me the tool so we can check? I had the same problem with my ROG 2 phone.

  • It's unfortunate that you are once again experiencing issues with your device. I hope you can understand that the current situation affects everybody. If you live in India and your warranty expires during the lockdown, then it will be extended with 30 days from the date that your government declares that the lockdown has been lifted. So don't worry, you will get your device repaired but at the moment, there's nothing we can do.

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    How many times has this happened to you? A lot of users in this thread has mentioned "I have the same problem" but shortly after they admit in a private message that it only happened once or twice and that it has not happened since.

  • @Anders_ASUS This happens to me more than 5x already.

    It started last week, at first it just freeze and restart on its own while playing games or opening any gaming app, I rarely used it for heavy gaming stuff, it was being used most of the time for YouTube only or for browsing the net. When it happens 2x a day we decided to reset the phone and update the OS hoping it would fixed the issue, however, the next day it freeze again and totally shutdown, We can't even do soft reset, no led indicator when plugging in the charger. it's a total blackout.It's been 3 days since the total shutdown happens, early this morning I decided to check the phone and plugged in the charger, by some MIRACLE it did open now! We dont know what happen or what was the issue. it was inaccessible for a couple of days. Hopefully it wont happen again, but we are still thinking to have it check in service center.

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    My phone is freezing and auto restart while playing games This is like again and again. Its so bad please fix it for me.



    Friends it's no use complaining here, phone clearly has hardware problem as many are facing random reboots, surprise freeze and shutdowns, my phone died last month...yes it's been more than a month without any solution, even after submitting proof of the device being dead they aren't doing anything. Imagine being stuck with a dead device, not able to study or work for more than a month now.

    ASUS is just sitting on the issue, despite being aware of it. Never go for ASUS again their quality control, software & customer service sucks big time.

  • Same problem with me also sir mobile get switch off and can't handle heat .no service centre near me due to lockdown ..and can't play games in gaming mobile with high graphics ..give us an update regarding that hardware problem sir...

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    Hi @Anders_ASUS

    I have a tencent edition rog2 and have also been having constant black out and restarts. Its on the latest android 10 global rom. The issues have been happening at android 9 and has gotten much worse after updating. Phone will be stuck in a restart loop and hangs and reboots as soon as i try to unlock the phone after the restart.

    Could you please pm me the tool to try and fix this please?

  • I'm having the same problem with Zenfone 5 ZE620KL, Android 9. After some minutes playing (not heavy games) the game closes, the launcher freezes and the system auto restart.

  • My phone usually shuts off after 12 hours and it's very irritating. It shuts off even if i plug it in for charge using the original charger which i got in the box. Did anyone find a solution to fix this problem?

  • 80% to 73% just because of auto restart and asus doesn't care about anything

  • Hi my ROG2 phone screen froze; the switch off button is unresponsive and I am unable to do anything to reset the phone. Is there anyone who can help me on this issue?

  • Could you please send this to me too? My phone crashes even while charging

  • Please send me log on what to do... My phone restarts while charging

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