ROG Phone 2 (12/512) Freezes and Auto Restart Problem



  • Happened for me also today,also phone reboot while playing game suddenly .Please look into it

    @Anders_ASUS ,@CH_ASUS .

  • donyeohdonyeoh Level 1

    @Anders_ASUS please send to me too. My rog phone 2 started to restart itself since last week. Bought in Oct until then had no such issues.


  • RakantohRakantoh Level 1

    Hi. I have the problem that my zenfone 5Q (ZC600KL) shuts off randomly, 2 times per day approx, and at least for me, this happens since the last firmware update for my phone. Before this update, my phone was perfectly.

    I already did two factory resets, with same results.

    At least for me, is a software/firmware problem/bug, that asus must solve.

    Anyway, some suggestion?

  • It also happened to me, and I think it's getting more serious

    First case happened approx. after a month usage, it suddenly restart when I played games. Ok I thought that was fine since after restart it shows no error

    Second case happened approx.2 months after the first case. When I listened to the music it suddenly vibrate and turned black screen showing message "temperature is too hot, bla bla bla". Thats strange since my device is not hot and I was in my room with air conditioner on set to 22 degrees. I search online and found someone facing the same case and said that the temperature control on rog2 is too near with others component that may cause a false reading of the temperature. Well ok then

    Third case just within this week, in the middle of gaming my phone vibrate and restart but not progressing, the screen stuck while displaying start up screen for about 10 minutes and become not responsive, cant force turn it off. After 10 minute it show "asus recovery mode, if this continuously happen your android data may be corrupt" and there are 2 option, try again or factory reset. I choose try again and fortunately it restart and everything work normal, at least until now.

    I'm just afraid if this is really a motherboard issue and happen again in the future where the "try again" option is not working, does the warranty cover it?

  • Rolled back to android 9 from the official Asus website. Phone stopped freezing while gaming but the framedrop is becoming more and more even when the X mode is on . Even after rolling back to android 9 the phone switches of and auto restarts while charging and the worst thing is there is no Asus authorised service centre at Chennai (India) I have to travel 1495kms to get this phone working.

  • My phone is freezing and auto restart while playing games This is like again and again. I am really irritated to this please send me any solution for this problem @Anders_ASUS

  • Now it seems to be fixed, nice.

  • I have the same problem whit restarting even when i make fast charging.can some one share some solution how to fix?thanks

  • SidduSiddu Level 1

    I have same kind of issue...

    My mobile reboots or powers off often...

    Not while gaming, it really occurs randomly...

    Especially in these last 2 or 3 days, it happened like 5-6 times...

    Anyone knows what's the issue? Or how to fix it?

  • @Anders_ASUS can u please send me the log tool. I have the restrt problem for pubg.

  • I have sent our tool to all of you in a private message

  • Hello.. I have same problem when i plug in the charger or middle of gaming it freeze and reboot automatically

    Please send me the tool too

  • Hi, my rog 2 phone got auto reset problem too..

    Can someone help me? :(

  • My rog phone 2 randomly reboots every 3 to 4 days. This has been happening since the android 10 update. The problem is also not specified to certain apps- as most recently I was using Amazon prime while using insta at the same time, and previous to that was using Spotify. Please help with this problem as it could lead to a more serious one. Please answer at the earliest.

  • donyeohdonyeoh Level 1

    After all that have been done, today the phone died on me. Freaking fed up now as I use my phone for work as well. Not just gaming.

    Kept auto restart and only able to reach until the ROG screen (not my home screen). After a while, it stopped auto restart. I tried hold down power and volume down, it did not boot into factory reset screen, only to my home screen. After about 5 minutes of Idling, it finally power off itself and it's now unable to be powered on.

    I have made appointment at the Singapore ASUS Service Centre tomorrow.

    Keep you guys updated.

    NOTE: This is my first ASUS phone and I had it since last Oct 2019 and no problem until the latest ASUS patch. Not sure if it will be my last ASUS product. Let's see how.

  • borloloy89borloloy89 Level 1
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    I have same issue with my rog 2 .. please any solution of auto restart and auto shutdown? I can't enjoy playing for thid problem, i bought this unit just to play smoothly but it seems not :)

  • I aslo hot same problem, while playing game suddenly freeze and auto restart,now the phone is auto restart while idling about 2 minutes idle then phone will auto restart but keep on playing the phone won't auto restart, air trigger also while press hot vibrate but didn't function can't use air trigger to active X-mode, auto-rotate is not functioning... I did factory reset now also same still keep on auto restart while phone is idle. Asus Please help to solve this.

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