GST invoice for purchase of ROG phone 2 on flip kart?

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Can someone help me in knowing how to get GST invoice from flipkart. I am buying for my business use and need to get input tax credit which is a big amount for 512 gb variant


  • The invoice you recieve along with your phone is the gst invoice as it has gst added to it's price. And when the product is shipped to ur address you can always download the invoice through the my order page. Wait untill you recieve the phone, and all the invoice includes the gst. Don't sweat about it

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    17daulat, to get input tax credit the invoice Must mention the buyer's GST Number. And, while buying there is no facility for buyer to enter GST number, unlike amazon. Is there? Is anyone else in the know of this issue?

    And yes, all the sales invoices in India do carry Seller's GST number.

  • Even after six months gst invoice is [email protected] even asus is neglecting my question regarding gst invoice bro rog 3 device n few laptops i was willing to purchase for business usage but they don't need our opinion regarding sell more.... They just want to sit back n relax n let flipkart do whatever they want...sorry asus but u r loosing me as a valuable consumer former asus lsr 2 n 6z n ryzen5 laptop user i think its time to say good bye to 2 you

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    The invoice is from your seller and that would be Flipkart. Like the post above post mentions, Amazon lets you type in the GST number but Flipkart doesn't.

  • I wonder what stops Asus from asking Flipkart to mention buyer's gst number or to invoice directly from Asus.

    What a waste!

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