Tint issue and minimum brigtness fix suggestions.

duy.h.vuduy.h.vu Level 2
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

We all know that the high refesh screen has some tint issue under 40% brightness even google pixel experience this. So i recently found out a filter app that will put a layer on top of all app and will reduce brightness output. (More like a solfware brightness reduction instead of 100% hardware panel brightness reduction). The end result is we can get a dimmer screen than 0% brightness and almost no red tint by having screen at 50% brigtness plus filter. Suggestions is can we implement this on the system side? So the brightness slider work just normally untill 40% then from 40 to 0 it's gonna be solfware filter??? So the screen minimum brightness is always above 40% and the solfware filter just increase .


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