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hi. 855+ means we are able to go beyond the 2.8 until 2.96Ghz(OC). Why am i see the max freq CPU go upnto 2.42 only. Xmode adjusted to the hardcore setting and put on my aerofan but its still limited to 2.42ghz.


  • I checked the max frequency on CPU load using RealPi Benchmark and the single core cluster does reach 2.96GHz. The application you are using or the game you are running might be GPU intensive rather than CPU and hence it does not push the CPU to 2.96GHz.

  • For China Rom (I think WW Rom will also follow suit, just there's lag in updates)

    1) Last time when just launched, there is no cap of 2.42 GHz, once use X-mode can unleash the beast.. (with or w/o fan)

    2) After some update (probably a mth ago), the X-mode were capped at 2.42 GHz, with or without fan..

    3) there is a latest update/upcoming update (just few days ago from Baidu Forum) (*Not all phone will get updated at the same time, as Asus launch update by phases), if you use AeroFan with X-mode, can go to 2.92 GHz.



  • Mybe related to kernel..

  • U r on the latest firmware 1910? Bcoz im still on 1908.

  • this game both cpu and gpu intense.but i only can see upto 2.42. this is wat i mean. Care to justify more on this. Really need a good technical clarification..

  • I'm on the build number, 1908.21

  • Game Genie reports only upto 2.42Ghz while running the game you have shown, however CPU-Z reports the max clock of 2.96GHz. X Mode has been to Ultimate as well.

  • Maybe wat u said above is true bro. 1st four of the cores will run max at 1.7. the other 3 will max to 2.4. and the last core is the one tuned to 2.96. the reported cpu speed thru genie mybe based on the average of the 2.4's core.

  • I'm experiencing the same thing with PUBGM never exceeded 2.42

  • Any technical expert care to explain about this matter?

  • I too have the issue of the CPU not being able to go over 2.42 GHz even though I set it on game genie. I also have latest update installed as well. Is this a software issue.

    RoG 2 u.s version

  • Yeah..the game genie should report 2.96 instead of limit to 2.42 only..software bug or maybe dev intend to limit our speed clock

  • I emailed customer service and still no answer yet. I hope it's a software issue that will be addressed.

  • Guys,I can see the 2.96ghz with 0.44 update!! U can try check it now!

  • More picss.

  • Hey Jerrywan thanks for the information. Once I installed the new update it cleared up that CPU locked at 2.42 GHz issue. Update also fixed bug that would turn off the glove touch sensitivity off when always removing the aero active cooler.

    Also what game is that on your screen shots

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