ANDROID10 Battery draining notification

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this thing keep coming


  • I had to restrict it in the settings. It caused some serious battery drain issues.

  • i think you get the option to restrict it when adaptive battery gives you the notification like the one you have right now. Try clicking on it or something, you should be able to find it.

    I don't know the exact consequences of this though. Personally I did not face any issue after restricting it, but I was planning to factory reset my phone once the closed beta ended anyway since only a minority of users seem to be affected by this.

  • this notification keep coming evenafter stopping many times, finally I turned off battery draining app notification

  • Clicking on the app when the battery draining notification comes up will take you to the app info

    You may find

    if you go to system -> Apps & Notifications -> See all xxx apps -> three dot menu in top right corner -> show system -> scroll down to and click it -> Disable. I don't really know the function of this app but it's not system critical or you wouldn't have been able to disable it

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