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hi, beta testing for Android 10 is going on...

i have already applied for beta testing, but still haven't got any email..

its been like more than 2 weeks..


  • Is beta update still going on now only they released android 10 is that not stable update or it is beta for all. i am little confused cause yesterday i updated android 10 via system update.

  • The version we have rolled out to all users is considered a stable version. That being said, it will have more bugs than pie did since this is a new Android version. A lot more users will use it now compared to when we did the beta testing. This means a lot more user scenarios that we have not already caught.

  • @Anders_ASUS Don't you guys do enough testing before a release ? Don't you think hiring new QA's and getting all these tested is a better option rather than giving pains to customer ? Remember, testing is more important than rolling out new features/updates, without which a software is not at all reliable. Faulty units and phones becoming dead after some time with or without an update clearly shows the hardware as well as the software is NOT robust.

  • Generally a bug is a system wide problem faced by all users. But in case of OS there are many variables which can cause a bug to happen and major bugs will show in most of the handsets. The whole use of the beta testing is to clear out these major bugs and some minor ones that are case specific and when all those are solved that is considered stable for most users. So a specific group of some people cannot cover the millions of devices worth of problems but as such major problems are solved and those faced by other users are minor and someone after the stable release can find a major bug that the beta testers couldn't see. So to answer your question testing is not supposed to clear out 100% of the bugs (To be clear companies want to clear all the bugs). And the minor ones shouldn't be so bad that it foils the user experience for most people. 100% can only be achieved when all millions of devices are bug free which to be clear even Google cannot do whose OS it actually is. I'm not defending asus but all the companies in general. At the end of the day all they want is to earn money and they cannot do that when their users are not happy. So frankly it's in their interest to solve all the problems contrary to popular belief that they don't care etc etc.

  • You have to fix these bugs ASAP otherwise you can't survive in this ecosystem where other companies providing good updates like OnePlus so fix those issues and rollout new update ASAP

  • when this read, so stay on android 9 until ASUS produce a functional version. I really don't want to do a factory data reset because the programmer doesn't do the job right. When you release a functional update to android 10, so create a theme where it will be said .. yes, this is a really functional version that no smash fingerprints, no smash display, no smash call, no smash camera, no smash volume sound. thank you

  • @Nanni As the testing process goes on everywhere, in every Tech firm and there are something called as Test Case, Test scenario, and Requirement Traceability matrix which can map millions of test cases to user requirements. When you say, that there can be trillions of use cases which might not have been covered by the Team/Firm, then I guess you must not be knowing what's all that I wrote in first line in this answer. And in that case, it's a waste of time to argue with you !

    By the way, we hardly see any bugs like these in other flagship phones used before. Your answer is not sufficient enough to explain why a software/hardware can be robust enough and why should it possess even a single bug. A flaw will always be called a flaw, it cannot be called out of scope, neither you can make the broken features and functions suddenly optional for users just because they had bug.

  • finally got android 10 update... its working great till now!

    thanx.. :)

  • What Nanni wrote is very true. A reality that applies to all companies. Just because you have never encountered this with any other flagship phone doesn't mean that it hasn't happened. Some of our users haven't encountered one single issue when they upgraded to Android 10. If you look into any other manufacturers forum when they upgraded to Android 10, you will definitely read similar threads like this one. One phone manufacturer which I have a lot of respect for, which has been early with Android 10 and that has the best version of Android according to both media and users have had MAJOR issues with Android 10 so I can say as a conclusion that It's more of a rule than an exception that the first new version of a OS will have bugs. Those who MUST have a stable OS should not expect to be able to update to a new version like Android 10 when most phones are still at Android 9 and expect 100% stability (which will never be achieved). My advice for these users is to wait a couple of months

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