Android 10 update bugs(Bluetooth,UI,navigation)

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After android 10 update Bluetooth earphones are automatically getting disconnected and sometimes even if they are connected video sound plays from speaker(take a look atthe video that I'm posting)...this is a serious one i dont want my video to suddenly start playing from speaker even though it's connected to Bluetooth

There is frequent noticable lag in UI (noticed while using and switching from chrome)

Vibration in navigation seems odd in (back,home,recent) type like its giving feedback twice but when using latest android 10's navigation i didnt notice it




  • I can't see any lag in the video. I don't know what I'm looking for.

    Have you tried repairing your headphones after the Q update?

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    I tested it with other phones it works fine used to work fine before update but after update it phone gets disconnected frequently and even if its connected sound is coming from speakers @Anders_ASUS

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    See in the video it shows Bluetooth connected in notification panel but sound is coming from speaker can see when i increase the volume it doesn't show any Bluetooth symbol which it is supposed to if the sound goes to earphones.....get it now?

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    As as far as ui lag goes it's definitely there when I'm scrolling through news feed in chrome,it doesnt show up if u are using continuously but when you suddenly switch to chrome from other apps there are so many shutters for 1-2 seconds

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    Look at these in facebook video u can clearly see stutters and u may say its due to videos but then again in some site about mi note 10,notice in the 2nd half lo video there is a minor stutter...its noticable......

  • Very weird. Have you tried using the reset BT, WiFI and mobile option under system & reset options?

    The stuttering looks normal. The workload is never constant and you may have stuff loading in the background. If you really want to find out if there's something wrong with your phone, then you need to factory reset it. To my knowledge, there's no known performance issue in Android 10

  • I'm the guy who started "ui stutters ...worst experience" there you told me to reset app prefernces,reset all apps remove all customisations and i did all that and posted a video again in the thread but there is no improvement what so ever.......when i unlock and slide up to open menu even there its lagging

  • and by the way bluetooth issue got resolved after i restarted the device

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