Weird temperature sensor readings

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Hi. This time around my phone started to identify itself as a volcano according to temperature readings. Okay, jokes aside. It seems in cold environments temp sensor readings are going out of scale from 15°C to around 130°C. It doesn't seem to be HWMonitor specific issue, so I thought I'll share it here.

Only battery's sensor behaves supposedly. I didn't notice massive throttling so it may be just reading glitch.

Side question: Does low temperature affect Flip Camera mechanism in any way, or I can assume it is safe to use it below 0°C?


  • I can double check on the camera temperature spec, but I would assume so. Just don't let ice form on it.

    That is an insane reading. At 130C you should be watching the phone melt itself through a hardwood floor. What kind of temps do you see on a regular basis?

    Is this because you went outside on a cold day, or is this happening in your house?

  • From the manual, the rated spec is 0C to 35C. Use your best judgement, but I would assume within reason you have nothing to worry about if you're taking some pictures and putting the phone away. Extended use in those temps might be problematic.

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    100% normal, nothing gets warmer than it's supposed to. My guess is below certain point a temperature variable gets out of range and jumps from very low to very high value. For instance, if you try to subtract 00000000 - 00000010 (in binary, simplified) it may flip to 11111110. I've been in below 0°C environment for half an hour when I noticed this.

    I've asked about camera because some cables may break more easily when exposed to cold but you seem to have your own tech so that question came out of pure curiosity. I'm definitely not going to try my luck with ice considering lack of IP rating.

  • I think you're right about the temperature reporting. Still funny to see. ;)

    Anders and CH_ASUS might have more specific answers about the module hardware, but as a layman I can't imagine it would be too terrible. -10 or -20C might be were you start seeing hardware performance issues. Keep in mind I'm spitballing here. 0-35C is the official spec.

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    I'm not sure why it does this. To check your temps while using the device in sub 0 celcius isn't the most common user scenario and not the first thing our taiwanese devs might think about, living in a hot country :)

    It would only be a real issue if your device acted weird in any way because of these readings. It might be fixable by software but I can't imagine it would be high on the priority list unless there's something more than weird readings.

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